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We Regret To Inform You That Gina Carano Is at It Again

The Mandalorian star shared an anti-vaxxer/election conspiracy meme.

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Actress and mixed martial artist Gina Carano continues to parrot far-right viewpoints and conspiracy theories on her social media accounts. Carano, who plays Cara Dune on Disney+’s The Mandalorian, posted the following meme on her socials, which not only mocks the forthcoming coronavirus vaccines, but also casts doubt on the validity of mail-in voting, which dealt Joe Biden an overwhelming victory in last month’s presidential election.

See, the joke is that mailed out vaccines are not trustworthy, just like mail-in voting isn’t trustworthy. Haha? I guess Carano hasn’t been paying much attention to science news, which has shown the efficacy of the vaccines. And I guess she’s also been too busy to notice the multiple court cases Trump has lost as he tries to steal the election. And I’m sure she’s been too preoccupied hunting for dank memes to see that Trump’s crack team of attorneys’ only accomplishment is sweating out hair dye and spreading COVID-19 amongst themselves.

This is not Carano’s first flirtation with conspiracy theories. She previously posted anti-mask memes on her Twitter and Parler accounts (yes, she’s a member of the right-wing online echo chamber, Parler.) She has also posted transphobic tweets mocking pronoun usage.

It is deeply disappointing that a woman like Carano, who kicks so much ass onscreen, holds views that are gross and deeply ignorant. She’s entitled to her own political opinions, as we all are. And if Carano were just an average Republican (if that even is a thing that exists anymore), we wouldn’t care as much as we do. But she is using her massive, Disney-inspired following to spread dangerous disinformation about both the election and COVID-19. It’s beyond upsetting that with the platform she has, Carano has made the choice to post reckless propaganda and lies.

Now obviously, I don’t really think that Carano’s followers are looking to her for medical advice or election analysis (and if they are, yikes). But she is adding to a discourse that encourages and validates the worst, most irresponsible behavior. With her posts, Carano is tacitly endorsing extremist behavior, which can range from a-holes coughing on people at a supermarket to the men who planned to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Many responded to Carano’s latest posts on social media:

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