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Is an “Ungendered Fashion Utopia” Possible?

Why does genderless fashion have to default to traditionally male pieces? Why are these companies so afraid of color? Why all the denim?

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The Boy Scouts of America are Letting Girls In — What Does That Mean For The Girl Scouts?

Let's all just be Pawnee Goddesses

Earlier today The Boy Scouts of America announced that they officially going to allow girls to fully join their organization for the first time since its creation. These changes will be officially implemented during the 2018 program, which will officially begin in August. While the Boy Scouts have had some co-ed programs throughout its years, this change is a major shake-up of the status quo that has existed for years.

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Terry Crews Bravely Shares the Hollywood Sexual Assault He Endured in Solidarity With Weinstein Victims

While we primarily talk about sexual harassment and assault in terms of the women who face it, as it tends to affect them disproportionately, we're also aware that men not only also suffer harassment and assault, but often don't come forward because of the stigma attached. For Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews, the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein's firing was exactly the right time to share the story of his own sexual assault in solidarity with Weinstein's victims.

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Girls Scouts President Penned a Scathing Letter Accusing Boy Scouts of Sneakily Recruiting Girls, Badmouthing Their Organization

Boy Scouts leaders have reportedly been recruiting girls as some sort of attempt to appeal to millennial parents, and badmouthing the Girl Scouts along the way.

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Boys Can Like Butterflies: How Policing Little Boys Contributes to a Culture of Male Violence

In the midst of all the horrible things happening in our country right now, there was a Twitter thread I came across a couple of days ago that not only made me sad, but made me very afraid of the ways in which we are all complicit in a culture of male violence. Especially since that male violence seems to be manifesting itself right now in the form of white nationalism. 

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Revisiting Stand By Me: What a “Boy Movie” Taught Me About Emotions

Watching Stand By Me again for the first time in years, I noticed things about it that I hadn't noticed before, and was able to articulate more clearly why this movie spoke to me so much as a young girl.

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Things We Saw Today: Robert Downey Jr. Says He’ll Bow out of the MCU “Before It’s Embarrassing”

Awww, Tony! Tony, no!

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Bill Nye Shows Us the Most Important Part of Science—Adapting in Light of New Information

It's pretty amazing that Bill Nye, who for many of us provided an awesome introduction to science when we were kids, has continued to fight the good fight on behalf of science well into our adulthoods. Part of that fight, it seems, is retroactively correcting outdated ideas and methods of presentation in light of new scientific information.

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“You Don’t Get to Tell Other People What Racism Is!”: Sean Spicer’s April Ryan Comment Has Sparked a Heated Debate

There are plenty of people pointing out that Sean Spicer is a dismissive jerk to everybody, and treats all members of the press with equal condescension. But for everyone else, it's hard to look at the way Spicer talked to journalist April Ryan yesterday as if she were his petulant child and not see something different there.

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Men Grin and Women Scream: A New Analysis of Gendered Words in Fiction

Author Ben Blatt set up an algorithm to analyze the gendering of certain actions and vocabulary words in fiction, and the results revealed a whole lot about our cultural subconscious.

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A Man and a Woman Switched Names at Work, and Predictable Awfulness Ensued

Currently making the viral rounds on Twitter is a thread by writer Martin R. Schneider. He tells the story of an experiment he and a female colleague ran: for two weeks, working from their shared inbox, they swapped sign-off names. The experience taught Schneider "how impossible it is for professional women to get the respect they deserve." So what happened?

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While the World Burns, the Internet Debates Garfield’s Gender

Here's one of those genuine internet mysteries that I know keeps me up at night: so just what is Garfield's gender?

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Some Renewed Faith in Our Future, Courtesy of a Kids’ Basketball Team With No Patience for Gender Discrimination

If children are our future, as they say, then this is a great reminder that sometimes children can be supremely awesome.

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Disappointing Study Finds Female Film Critics Are Greatly Outnumbered on Rotten Tomatoes

San Diego State University recently looked into the demographics of film critics and found that male critics greatly outnumber female critics.

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Feminism by Thoughtful Omission in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Why aren't there more nontriarchies in SFF?

I don’t want another badass woman who, as far as the narrative is concerned, is just One Of The Guys until someone can crack a joke about her being a woman. I don’t want more revenge-fantasy matriarchies that aim to show men what it’s like to be oppressed. I don’t want to imagine more futures where gender has vanished and androgyny rules, because that shouldn’t be the only way for everyone to be treated equally.

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Minifiguring All My Feelings out About LEGO: My Problematic Fave

LEGO: My Problematic Fave

I was in counseling a while back, and I mentioned that I enjoyed building LEGO. This piqued my counselor’s interest, so I explained to her why I enjoyed building LEGO as an adult: “It feels cathartic to me. I get an end result, I build something then it’s complete. Putting each piece together allows me to quieten […]

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Interview: Tony Smith, the Parent Behind the Gender-Neutral Patch for Link to the Past

We got to chat with Tony Smith, the creator of the gender-neutral patch for Link to the Past via e-mail about the whys and wherefores behind his project, storytelling, folklore, monomyths, and what else might be coming down the line for him and his work.

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Parent Hacks Gender Neutral Language Into Link to the Past

The person behind Echo Park Mac & PC Repair hacked the best Zelda game ever (Link to the Past) to change all the language to reflect a gender neutral protagonist.

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Fine, Let’s Talk About “DadBod Ken.”

*Cracks plastic knuckles*

Yesterday, Mattel revealed some drastic and awesome changes to the Barbie line. In addition to "original" (read: preposterously proportioned) Barbie, fans can now purchase "petite, tall, and curvy" dolls on

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Writing Gender-Swapped Science Fiction in The Rogue Retrieval

When I wrote the first draft of The Rogue Retrieval, it was kind of a dude fest. I fully admit this. The premise is that a powerful corporation has discovered a portal to a pristine world, and studied it for the past fifteen years. Then the head of their research team (a man) went A.W.O.L. and disappeared through the portal with a backpack full of disruptive technology.

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