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Things We Saw Today: As of October 26th, Women Are Working for Free

The pay gap between men and women means that women are essentially working ten weeks for free every year.

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Things We Saw Today: Joe Biden Tweeted the Sweetest Message to His Fellow “Veep” Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Remember when we had a Vice President that we could be proud of instead of one known for sparking an HIV outbreak because he hates Planned Parenthood and needle exchanges?

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Things We Saw Today: It’s the 30th Anniversary of The Princess Bride? Inconceivable!

Somehow we've reached the pearl anniversary of The Princess Bride, arguably one of the best book-to-movie adaptations ever.

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Things We Saw Today: T. rex Dinosaurs Couldn’t Run, So Jurassic Park Flat-Out LIED To Me

Jurassic Park was a lie!!!

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Things We Saw Today: Luke Skywalker Sings “You’re Welcome” in This Moana/Last Jedi Mashup

YouTube user OverEnglishMan recently posted a The Last Jedi / Moana mashup, in which Luke Skywalker plays Maui to Rey's Moana in "You're Welcome."

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Monday Cute: This Triceratops Holds Tacos and That’s All You Need to Know

Dr. Ian Malcolm not included, sadly.

If you try to tell me this isn't cute enough for Monday Cute I will fight you because this triceratops is friggin' adorable. It has space to hold not one but two tacos, so that your hands are free to sip your drink and you can sit back and admire the fact that a dinosaur is keeping your tacos safe and snug.

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Why Do We Accept Villainy From Real-Life Humans That We Don’t Accept From Pop Culture?

Why is it that we can easily call a villain a villain in a pop culture story, but when we see the same behavior exhibited in real life, we'll find a way to make excuses for it?

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Scientist Finds Feathered Dinosaur Tail Trapped in Amber, Ruining All Jurassic Park Movies in the Best Way

Life, uh, finds a way to ruin everything.

Scientists have already established that dinosaurs had feathers—and had set about trying to ruin our favorite movie monsters with other retcons like "lips"—but actually seeing a preserved, feathered dinosaur tail from millions of years ago with our own eyes is an amazing landmark on its own.

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Here’s How Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Should’ve Ended (Sorry, Still No Asteroids)

I thought nature already wrote this one an alternate ending?

Or maybe this is how The Good Dinosaur did end. How would you know? It's not like you saw it. (Not a lot of people did—well, compared to Pixar's other movies, anyway.) However, if you did see it, maybe this will undo some of the wanton emotional damage Pixar decided to throw your way.

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Turns Out Dinosaurs May Have Been Very Sexy Dancers

In a paper published earlier this month in Scientific Reports, geologist Martin Lockley and his team claim that scrape marks found in the 100-million-year-old Cretaceous rock unit Dakota Sandstone are the first physical evidence of 'dinosaur foreplay' to be discovered.

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Things We Saw Today: Restore Balance to Your Holiday With a Darth Vader Yule Log Video

Ring in the holiday spirit the Star Wars way with this five hour long video of... well, Darth Vader's funeral.

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Paleontologist Elizabeth Freedman Fowler Discovers New Hadrosaur Species is a Dinosaur Missing Link

Making sense of dinosaur fossils is hard (I'm assuming. I don't have nearly the scientific prowess to ever set foot near dinosaur bones except to look at them and go "OOOH!"), but sometimes the stars align and scientists have a puzzle piece fall gloriously into place. That's what happened recently for paleontologist Elizabeth Freedman Fowler.

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Dinosaur Fossil Discovered With Soft Tissue and Feather Patterns Like a Six-Foot Turkey Ostrich

Hold onto your feathery butts.

We used to think of dinosaurs as reptilian death machines (thanks, Jurassic Park), but now we know them as vaguely avian death machines. How the times have changed. Thanks, science!

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Things We Saw Today: Hogwarts Nine-Nine Gives You the Potter/Cop Comedy Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

You love Harry Potter. You love FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now, you can love them both at the same time on this awesome Tumblr, Hogwarts Nine-Nine.

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Here’s What We’re Losing (and Gaining) on Netflix in September—Starting Tomorrow

Not the streaming platform!

As always, we've got your monthly guide to what new wonders Netflix is bringing to the table and what movies and TV shows are going quietly into that good night.

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Hasbro Rewrites Canon for Its Toys, Decides All Jurassic World‘s Dinos Are Dudes

Hold onto your butts intractable gender biases.

I'm not surprised that Hasbro is misgendering Jurassic World's dinos--just disappointed. Sexism, uh, finds a way.

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Chris Pratt Explains the Science of Jurassic World and Dino Dung


Chris Pratt joins the host of VSauce to get real about the science of Jurassic World, along with palaeontologist Jack Horner. I mean, did you know dino poop still smells even after all this time? I didn't, but now I don't know how I ever lived without that information.

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Things We Saw Today: The First All-Female Transformers Combiner is…

What's in a name? Six other autobots, obviously.

In an interview with USA Today, writer Mairghread Scott revealed Victorion, the first all-female Transformers combiner! She'll debut next month inIDW’s Combiner Hunters one-shot. (via Kotaku)

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Review: Jurassic World Is Enjoyable But Lacks the Heart of the Original

Jurassic Park was such a monumental film for me as an 11-year-old that over 20 years later I'm working on getting a tattoo inspired by it. You may think that makes me a nerd (I am) or a weirdo (depends on your definition), but it speaks to the immense power the film had on me, and that's what many creators strive for in their work every day. While an incredibly enjoyable experience, Jurassic World is not a movie that would inspire me to tattoo my body.

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Things We Saw Today: Robot Don’t Like Walking. Robot Don’t Want To Do That.

Robot will destroy humanity. Stop laughing.

These adorable robots really hate opening doors. And grabbing things. And walking. And, you know, generally staying upright. Just watch and imagine them throwing a tantrum in a grocery store aisle next to you. Frightening, right?

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