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Carrie Fisher Has Her Own Advice Column, and She Wants to Use It to Help out Younglings

Hope is not lost today. It is found.


After nearly seven decades of being a human, Star Wars‘ Carrie Fisher says she’s finally “kind of happy person (go figure!).” She’s dealt with addiction, bipolar disorder,and the absurd pressures of being a mortal woman in the public eye, and along the way she’s had a lot of experiences that might be relevant to other people feeling alone in their struggles. Now, she wants to use her own history to help other people—particularly kids—feel like they can talk to someone. Over at The Guardian, she explains

I waited for my daughter, Billie, to come to me with her troubles – but I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath. I believe my best advice to her was when we came to a curb that needed to be addressed in an up or down manner, and I would caution her with my caring cow eyes “careful – uh oh wait baby – careful.” She came to believe that curbs and cars and other obstacles were actually called “carefuls”.

Now, I want you all to consider calling upon me with your carefuls and I will provide solicited advice, based on a life filled with pratfalls and accidents (both in traffic and out). But – and I say this with a thing like love – let the questions come from the younger members of our congested world.

Fisher says her advice-giving style will be to tell people what she did in the past if she has had an experience like theirs. Overall, her philosophy as a columnist seems to be commendably no-bullshit; she’ll do what she can to ensure people who are struggling know that they’re not alone and their feelings aren’t ‘weird,’ but she can’t promise she’ll have all the answers.

If you want to ask Carrie Fisher for advice, you can send your problem to [email protected]

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