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There Are New ‘Bluey’ Minisodes To Ease the Wait for More of the Series!

Bluey has captured hearts around the world. We literally cannot get enough of the Heeler family! Now, fans have been gifted with new minisodes of their favorite series to tide us over until new episodes drop for real. And who doesn’t love a quick look into the lives of the Heelers?

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Bandit and Chilli always have to find ways of entertaining their daughters, Bluey and Bingo. They always find some way of being fun and keeping their daughters’ imagination alive, and that is exactly why these minisodes are so special! They give us a brief look into their daily lives and how they all keep the fun going.

The end of each of the minisodes gives us a cute little signoff for the story, so let’s talk about the end of each episode and why it is so gosh darn cute! (I did not include “Compilation #1” in this list since it is just all the minisodes compiled into one episode!)

“Burger Dog”

In “Burger Dog,” Bluey and Bingo decide they want to hear a song called “Burger Dog” on their dad’s phone. He specifically says as long as it isn’t annoying, and so when he finds it to be just that, he makes up an excuse about his phone, telling the girls his phone is dead, but both Bingo and Bluey know he’s lying.

So as Bluey is trying to grab the phone off her dad, Bingo goes to get Chilli to call Bandit, and it ruins his lie. She also makes fun of him for lying to his girls again.

“Bingo 3000”

The entire minisode titled “Bingo 3000” is Bandit pretending like Bingo is a robot named the Bingo 3000 and its legs won’t straighten out. At the end of the episode, the Bingo 3000 works and is running around the house. We get to see Bandit and Chilli relaxing with each other while they are reading together.

Chilli calls out to the Bingo 3000 to pick up her magazine and even remarks that the Bingo 3000 is slower than she thought.

“Muffin Unboxing”

Muffin Heeler is a great character, and in “Muffin Unboxing,” we get to see her working on her YouTube presence. She is unboxing a new toy they sent her, and while her father, Stripe, is trying to get her to do the review, she just voices how she wanted a different toy a lot of the time.

By the end, Muffin concludes that the dump truck is the worst toy ever and her little sister, Socks, asks if she can have it. Muffin clearly likes it more than she let on (or just doesn’t want Socks to have something), because she yells, “No, it’s mine!”


Bandit’s mother, Christine (or Nana), is showing the girls something that Bandit wrote when he was younger. In “Letter,” we get to see how much Bandit loved his mother growing up but how he didn’t like her cooking. The letter talks a lot about how bad her food is, especially her lasagna.

So at the end of the episode, when Bandit comes back after the letter is read, his mom asks if he wants to stay for dinner since she’s making lasagna. We can see how upset he is about the idea.


In “Hungry,” Bandit is talking about how hungry he is and Chilli is barely paying him any mind. He ends up pretending to eat Bluey in the process, as Chilli is telling him that eating kids upsets his stomach. But when Bingo comes to see what’s going on, she gets more than she bargained for.

Bandit throws up his “food” and throws Bluey on top of Bingo, and Bluey and Bingo laugh at their dad, but when it is all said and done, he says he’s a bit hungry still and eats Bluey again.

“Three Pigs”

Bedtime stories are the best and in “Three Pigs,” we get to see as Bandit is telling his daughters a story. Bandit’s version of the Three Little Pigs is … very different and they have a pool of lemonade that the Big Bad Wolf keeps peeing in, so the pigs use a chemical to prove that he’s doing it. It’s very elaborate.

When Bandit finishes telling the girls about a big bad wolf, he says, “The end,” and they demand, “AGAIN.” But he tells them no.


Chilli and Bingo are sitting on a bench together when Chilli pretends animals are walking on Bingo. The last animal to walk on her is a cat who wants to take a nap. She uses her claws to get comfy and falls asleep. The two relax for a second before Chilli yells out “DINOSAUR” and starts to tickle Bingo again.

If you don’t want to watch all the episodes one at a time, you can just watch “Compilation #1” and see all the minisodes in one 15+ minute stretch! But that is how each of the minisodes ends. Which was your favorite?

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