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Agent Carter Producer Talks About The Show’s Future And How It Lines Up With Civil War

More Peggy please!


Between the two of them, Tara Butters and Marc Guggenheim have worked on Arrow, The Flash, and Agent Carter, as well as the upcoming DC webseries Vixen and CBS’s Supergirl —oh, and they’re also married, which is adorable. Anyway, they spoke about all their shows last weekend at Long Beach Expo, but what we really wanted to know more about was this: is Peggy Carter coming back? When do we get more Peggy??

Sadly it’s still up in the air whether or not Agent Carter will return for a second season (boooo). But Butters and the rest of the team already have plenty of ideas about how they might continue Peggy’s adventures if given the chance—by changing the location of the show, perhaps to Hollywood or Europe. Their only real constraint, she says, is that they have to keep it in the time before SHIELD was actually founded so as not to compete with Agents of SHIELD, so no ’70s bellbottoms and second wave feminism for Peggy just yet.

While there aren’t many characters from the ’40s time period to draw on for Peggy to go up against, the writers don’t mind drawing inspiration from characters all over the Captain America franchise—as long as it doesn’t muck up the works for the writers of Captain America: Civil War. She explained:

“It’s hard, because we’re in this weird time frame that there’s not that many characters.[…] Obviously, Doctor Faustus really wasn’t of our time frame, but it was something within conversations with Marvel Studios that they were willing to [adjust] — ‘Oh, well, it’s still Captain America-centric and we could move it back and we could play with and still actually tie-in to the Winter Soldier program.’ Hopefully, if we did our jobs properly, when you do see ‘Cap 3’ or other things in the Marvel Universe, some of the character stuff is going to be laid out a little bit more with Howard and Peggy and [Jarvis], who live on in other ways in the storylines.”

Don’t expect Butters to spill all the Civil War secrets, though, because she doesn’t actually know them. “Sometimes, the guys will come into the room and go, ‘Can you do X?’ and we’re like, “… okay…'” she added. “And, like, [they] just walk out.”

Some other things to look out for if the show comes back—they might feature Carter’s future husband, though Butters would prefer to keep things platonic for a while (“The amazing thing about Haley Atwell is that she has chemistry with everyone,” she noted, stressing that she definitely doesn’t ship her and Thompson at the very least). Also, remember how cool that Captain America radio show was? If Carter gets a second season, they’ve talked about turning the show in 15-minute long Thrilling Adventure Hour-style podcast episodes.

Comic Book Resources has a full write-up of the panel, in which Guggenheim and Butters talked about their other shows, especially Arrow, so be sure to check that out!

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