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Swedish TV Host Starts Fire Live on Air While Frying Cheese Doodles for Some Reason

The Muppets would be so proud.


Today is Cheese Doodle Day, evidently, so this morning Nyhetsmorgon host Jenny Strömstedt asked her viewers for tips on how to best “prepare” them (because I guess just eating them out of the bag with your greasy cheese-stained fingers isn’t proper in Sweden). Then her co-host suggested she try to flip them in the air while frying them over a stove, and everything worked out for the best. Wait. Is the best supposed to be on fire?

As hilarious as this whole situation is, I have to applaud Strömstedt for putting out the flames so gracefully. You know, the second time. Maybe you kids at home might try the raw variety, though, just to be on the safe side.

(via Uproxx)

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