FINALLY The Avengers Age Of Ultron Black Widow Funko Pop! Is Here And She Is Rad

Her sticks! Eeeeeee!
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We were as bummed as anybody when the first batch of Age of Ultron Funko Pop! tie-ins featured all the dudes of the team—including The Vision, even!—with nary a Natasha in sight. Well, THANK GOD they’ve finally announced one for a May release, and she is exceptional. Look at the belt and bite details! Her hair! The sticks! The firmly planted feet that won’t knock over like so many daintier figures! (Lookin’ at you, Season 1 Daenerys.)

Still no Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch yet, unfortunately, but there might still be some un-announced figures yet to come—and if you preorder the whole set from Marvel’s Collectors Corp, you also get this rad 6 inch Funko Hulkbuster:

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