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Nearly 100 of U.S.’s Biggest Companies (Facebook, Google, More) Filed a Court Motion Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

How's that whole "businessman president" thing going?

One of Donald Trump's key redeeming points was supposed to be that he could run our country like a business, whatever that vague nonsense means, but our actual business leaders are extremely unhappy with what he's doing so far—an impressive feat at just over two weeks in office.

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Samsung’s Replacements for the Galaxy Note 7 Are Still Catching on Fire

At this point, I'm actually starting to feel bad for Samsung. Well, as bad as anyone can feel for a massive corporation that is probably going to be fine, eventually... nonetheless, they've been having a pretty tough year.

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Things We Saw Today: Let’s Fall Asleep in this Star Wars Landspeeder Bed

Rooms To Go has a whole line of Star Wars furniture, including this landspeeder bed ($900), a Millennium Falcon bed, an X-Wing double bed ($1200), and a TIE Fighter desk ($400). They're pricey pieces of furniture, but where else are you going to find a bed that hovers in space? You could build it yourself, I suppose... send us pics, if you do.

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Samsung’s Quest to Beat the iPhone Led the Galaxy Note 7 to Blow Up (Literally)

Who's to blame for the fact that millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have gotten recalled from customers, due to the fact that some of them have exploded? ... Apple! Okay, not really. It's Samsung's fault for rushing their launch ahead of the iPhone 7 release.

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Emails Leaked by Apple Employees Reveal Harassment and Jokes About Rape and “Man Periods”

After seeing their complaints about harassment at work get ignored by higher-ups, several current and former Apple employees have chosen to leak 50 pages of emails to provide evidence of harassment they experienced at work--and examples of how their bosses ignored that the harassment occurred.

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Apple Polls Customers About Their MacBook Headphone Jack Usage, Freaks Everyone the Heck Out

First, they came for our iPhones.

Hey, remember when Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, and everyone was super chill about it? I guess that's Apple's recollection, because they decided to go ahead and ask MacBook Pro owners how much they really use that boring old headphone port, anyway. No way that could stir up preexisting, headphone jack-centered sentiment, right?

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Apple Disables iMessage “Butt” GIF Search After Bing Serves up My Little Pony Porn

Bing! We can't take you anywhere!

iMessage in iOS 10 is a weird bizarro land of new features and confusing menus, but the one that makes the most sense is the inclusion of native GIF search. That doesn't come without its own problems, however, and Apple took measures to keep things from getting NSFW by disabling certain naughty words from the search. One they didn't disable, however, was "butt," and the Bing-generated results made them regret that decision in short order.

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It’s Now Safe to Update to iOS 10, If Word of Bugged Updates Was Stopping You

iOS 10 came out yesterday, and such updates always come with a bit of uneasiness, but that quickly compounded when the update process began bricking people's iPhones and iPads (rendering them useless). However, if that scared you away from iOS 10, you'll be happy to know that Apple quickly fixed the bug, and you can now update with abandon—provided you're cool with all the new "features."

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Apple’s Headphone Jack Removal Isn’t Such a Big Deal, but Does It Make Any Sense?

Back when Apple removing the iPhone's headphone jack was just a rumor, I wrote about how all the commotion over the change was likely unnecessary. Now that it has happened, and we know the specifics, it's even clearer that it's really not a big deal, but what's not really clear is exactly what prospective iPhone 7 owners stand to gain from it.

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iPhone 7 Announced With Upgrades and No Headphone Jack; “Airpod” Headphones Debut

Apple has finally announced the iPhone 7, and they focused a lot on the device's design and new, sleek finish. There were also new features, of course, so let's take a look at what was announced.

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Pokémon GO Is Coming to the Apple Watch You Probably Don’t Own

Pokémon GO is coming to Apple Watch, which is great if you own one of Apple's prohibitively expensive smartwatches. It looks like a great way to improve the game by allowing you to give your phone a rest while walking around and playing the game, but the market for it is probably pretty small.

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Brand New Mario Game Super Mario Run Coming to Apple’s iOS First

Apple's iPhone event is underway, but before announcing the iPhone 7 (on purpose, anyway), they had Shigeru Miyamoto stop by to announce Nintendo's first real mobile game, Super Mario Run, coming first to iOS.

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Everything You Need to Know About Today’s iPhone 7 Announcement

Today, Apple is holding an event to announce the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), which has been the object of speculation—and leaked details—for some time. While some changes with the new model are all but known, plenty of it is still a mystery, so here's a helpful guide to prep yourself for the announcement.

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Go Download Your Favorite Old Apps—Apple’s Purging the App Store of “Outdated” Content

Apple has announced that they'll be purging the app store of outdated releases soon, but it's not yet clear what qualifies as "outdated," since they didn't specify.

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Papa John’s Launches Apple TV App in Competition to Bring You Mediocre Chain Pizza in the Most Connected Way


Keeping people from ordering middling chain restaurant pizza is a noble goal, but not so much when it's just so people will order from your middling pizza chain instead. That's what Papa John's is hoping for, though, as they launch an Apple TV app to seamlessly combine your Netflix sessions with the food they pair best with: pizza.

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How To Get Siri to Listen To You: A Cheat Sheet

Sometimes, talking to your iPhone yields very impressive results. Other times? You just feel like a fool. No more trial and error necessary, because the "Hey Siri" project is your cheat sheet for how to best communicate with the iOS AI assistant.

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Apple’s Next iPhone Might Finally Be Ditching the 16GB Storage Option

Just in time for 32GB not to seem like enough!

As someone who owns a 16GB iPhone 6, it definitely feels like a storage size from a bygone era. Though it's enough for me, it's far from plenty, even though my app, music, and video habits are hardly demanding in terms of storage space. For many people 16GB isn't enough at all, which forces them to pay significantly more to stick with iPhones—but that may all change with Apple's next model.

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Apple Ignores the Real Issue in Response to Spotify Complaints About App Store Rejection

TL;DR: I know you are, but what am I?

Apple's come under plenty of fire for how thoroughly they police the App Store, especially when it comes to Android users' vocal preference for that platform's significantly more open App marketplace. (How else are we supposed to play our emulated SNES and GameBoy games, Apple!?) Now, Spotify has accused them of blocking an update to the Spotify app in an effort to hurt competition, but Apple's not having that excuse.

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Apple Patent Could Prevent Phones From Recording Video at Concerts and More

Or we could just all agree not to be jerks. ... Pfffffft.

It was already hard enough to see over a sea of other people's heads at concerts (if you're standing in general admission, anyway), and then smartphones became a thing, and we've all had to adjust to moving our heads into juuuust the right position to see around everyone's screens and arms as they hold their phones up to record video and make their friends jealous on the Internet. Now, Apple's been awarded a patent to put a stop to the amateur documentarians.

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Apple Announces iOS X at WWDC 2016, Featuring iMessage Updates Like “Bigger Emoji”

Today, at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, the world learned about iOS X and the slew of updates that it will include. According to Craig Federighi, Apple's senior VP of software engineering, this will be "the biggest iOS release ever for our users."

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