Some of the Stuff Apple Fanatics Say is Unbelievable… [Video]

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I’m going to say up front: I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy. I’ve never owned a non-Apple computer or smartphone. That aside, while I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s products, I totally understand when people are incensed by their holier-than-thou fan club. The cult of Jobs is real, people: Having a conversation with one of company’s supporters can sometimes feel like a debate with a brick wall… or a Scientologist. In honor of these horrifyingly stuck up Apple fans and the people who have to put with them, here’s a compilation of crazy/stupid/ridiculous things you may hear while talking with someone who’s may or may not be in a committed relationship with their iPad.

If you’re still angry after watching that video, the second chapter of Shit Apple Fanatics Say gets even more snooty.

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