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All ‘Mushoku Tensei’ Arcs in Order

All the arcs to Mushoku Tensei? Easy. There’s only like 23 of them. If you asked me for all of the One Piece arcs or something, we’d have a problem. That’s liable to break my poor fingers from all that typing.

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What’s Mushoku Tensei about again?

After a 34 year old NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) is killed in a classic isekai traffic accident, he’s whisked away to a magical fantasy world an reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat. He has all his old memories of his past, but now he’s in a cool new fantasy hero body! Hooray! He soon discovers he’s a child prodigy in magic, he begins to train under his magical tutor Roxy Migurdia.

As he grows up in his new bod, he learns all about the new kingdom that he is part of, its politics and prejudices, and the many peoples that make up the world. Of course, he’s also gonna make friends, even with a dragon! He’s gonna need all the help that he can get, because he’s gonna have to fight a literal god by the end of the series. Better than getting some menial job in the real world, that’s for sure.

Gimme them arcs …

Here you go!

  1. Childhood Arc
  2. Home Tutor Arc
  3. Entry-Level Adventurer Arc
  4. Voyage Arc
  5. Reunion Arc
  6. Homecoming Arc
  7. Mid-Level Adventurer Arc
  8. University Arc
  9. Newlyweds Arc
  10. Sisters Arc
  11. Labyrinth Arc
  12. Everyday-life Arc
  13. Summoning Arc
  14. Human God Arc
  15. Asura Kingdom Arc
  16. Subordinates Arc
  17. Zanoba Arc
  18. Cliff Arc
  19. Zenith Arc
  20. Organization Arc
  21. Fourth Child Arc
  22. The Final Battle Arc
  23. Conclusion Arc

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