Hello Kitty and a group of her friends smile and wave

Get to Know All of Hello Kitty’s MANY Friends

Hello Kitty rolls deep. Never was there ever so fine a squad assembled. How did Sanrio do it? Create all of these unstoppable A-list characters for Hello Kitty to be friends with? This crew could take on the Fire Lord. Invade the Collector Base in the Milky Way’s core. Do anything.

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Who are Hello Kitty’s friends?

Listen, there are LOT of Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty is a friend to all of them, but let’s be real, most are acquaintances. The Hello Kitty inner circle is on another level. You want names? I’ll give you names. Hello Kitty’s core squad consists of Charmmy Kitty, Chococat. Cinnamoroll, Dear Daniel, Hello Kitty herself, Jewelpet, Keroppi, Kuromi, Tuxedo Sam, Little Twin Stars, Mimmy, Tracy, Rori, Fifi, My Melody, Pochacco, Pompompurin, my boy Pekkle, and the legendary Badtz-Maru.

But who is Kitty’s best friend? That’s My Melody, the adorable little hat-wearing creature of indeterminate species. She could be a rabbit, or her hat just has ears. We don’t know. Kitty probably knows, but best friends don’t give away each other’s secrets.

Other squad standouts? Gotta mention Badtz-Maru. Dude is a sassy penguin. He’s one of the few Hello Kitty characters markets to boys and girls. Bro is ice cold. Doesn’t let anyone but Kitty in. He’s always plotting, always scheming, always grinding. Like real G’s, he moves in silence like lasagna. If you know, you know. Other than that? Tuxedo Sam deserves a shoutout. Little penguin is always dapper, peep the bowtie. And he can chef it up too. A valuable player. One of the greats.

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