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  1. Witness Jessica Williams Discuss Alabama’s Bizarre Abortion Law With A “Fetal Attorney”

    "Fetal attorney" is what it sounds like

    Jessica Williams remains the queen of the mic-drop in this video, in which she discusses Alabama's HB 494, a parental consent law that allows for the appointment of a lawyer to represent fetuses in cases against the pregnant teenagers carrying them. Yep, that's a thing that exists.

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  2. Queen Jessica Williams Studies Chemistry, Emoji, and Tacos in the Name of Science

    What is the chemical composition of Feminized Atmosphere?

    "Science, I always found very intimidating. It felt very inaccessible [...] As soon as it got to numbers and codes I was like ‘Oh, that’s enough for me.’"

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  3. Survey Shows Satire News Programs Inform People Better Than Actual News on Net Neutrality

    Wait. Those "regular" news shows aren't just elaborate jokes?

    Buried in a survey on whether or not most of the public in the United States opposes Internet fast lanes—they do, by the way—is a fun little chart showing viewers of which news programs felt they'd heard the most about net neutrality. Surprise! The Daily ShowThe Colbert Report, and Last Week Tonight are by far the top three. Go ahead and have a big belly laugh over Jon Stewart insisting he wasn't real news on Crossfire all those years ago.

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  4. The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams Continues Her Beautiful Assault On Catcalling

    "Jessica's Feminized Atmosphere" is the name of my Alanis Morisette cover band.

    Apparently some people didn't get the hint last month when Jessica Williams discussed the annoying and often scary encounter that is catcalling to a captivated Daily Show audience—but then, what else is new? So she decided to follow up with a fantastic taped segment, complete with hidden camera and a giant panel of women recounting their own (really disgusting) experiences. Bless you, Jessica Williams. Bless you, Jessica Williams. We'd follow you into your feminized atmosphere any day.

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  5. The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Hilariously Destroys Catcalls

    Too bad she can't literally destroy catcalls, but we can dream.

    Sexism in politics!? No way! It's almost like there's some kind of invisible, institutional machine holding back real progress on these issues! Weird. The Daily Show's Jessica Williams isn't going to just let it slide, though.

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  6. Politics Sexist? Hilary Clinton Discriminated Against Because She’s A Woman? You Don’t Say, The Daily Show!

    What Boys Think of Girls

    Jon Stewart (not to be confused with John Stewart) brought up a topic relevant to our interests on last night's The Daily Show. Particularly the reaction Hilary Clinton is getting in the political sphere after daughter Chelsea announced she was pregnant. Gasp! Clinton will be a grandmother! "How will this affect her run for office?" Stewart notes, is not something which as ever been asked about a male candidate. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  7. Patrick Stewart Plays Sad Dying Moon Rover In Career High on The Daily Show

    The Daily Show
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    A couple days ago we brought you the story of China's Jade Rabbit, the little moon rover that couldn't, so Chinese authorities delivered a heartbreaking farewell address for it. Patrick Stewart and The Daily Show have combined forces to give the that brave little toaster a proper send off. With cardboard costumes.

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  8. Patrick Stewart Read Some Very Sad Tweets From Jade Rabbit On The Daily Show Last Night [Video]

    Goodbye, humanity. We are too busy crying to be a part of you now.

    We here at Geekosystem are very sad about the troubles that Jade Rabbit, the Chinese Lunar Rover, has been going through. You know, mostly because we get all overcome with feelings when bad things happen to cute robots. Good thing we have Patrick Stewart to read the rover's goodbye tweets to us so NO NOT A GOOD THING OH GOD WE'RE SO SAD.

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  9. Jennifer Lawrence and Jon Stewart Had A Great Time Not Talking About Catching Fire Yesterday [VIDEO]

    Real Or Not Real?

    However, they did talk about her haircut, Helen Mirren, and wearing a turkey as a hat. It's quality stuff.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: A Crocheted Bane Mask

    Things We Saw Today You can buy it from Rose Pope on Etsy. (via Neatorama) 

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