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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Daily Show

Patrick Stewart Plays Sad Dying Moon Rover In Career High on The Daily Show

A couple days ago we brought you the story of China’s Jade Rabbit, the little moon rover that couldn’t, so Chinese authorities delivered a heartbreaking farewell address for it. Patrick Stewart and The Daily Show have combined forces to give the that brave little toaster a proper send off. With cardboard costumes.


Real Or Not Real?

Jennifer Lawrence and Jon Stewart Had A Great Time Not Talking About Catching Fire Yesterday [VIDEO]

However, they did talk about her haircut, Helen Mirren, and wearing a turkey as a hat. It’s quality stuff.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Crocheted Bane Mask

I…wow. You can buy it from Rose Pope on Etsy. (via Neatorama


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Some Very Venture Cosplay

Via Dr. Venture himself, James Urbaniak. Poor H.E.L.P.E.R.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Nicktoons, Assemble!

Dennis Culver created these awesome mashup cartoons for Moviefone, a site with which we’re not thrilled lately, but you can visit his Tumblr or The Uniblog to see individual shots of Nickelodeon characters as the Avengers.


she blinded me with science

Jane Goodall Was On The Daily Show Last Night and Chimp-Greeted Jon Stewart [Video]

Jane Goodall made her second appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and the first order of business was to make sure Jon Stewart remembered the proper chimp greeting. And then she talked about the new documentary from Disney, Chimpanzee. As you can imagine, all of this was fascinating and adorable. Video after the jump.


To Boldly Go

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Was On The Daily Show Last Night, So Naturally, That’s Here Now [Video]

Of course we were going to post Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking to Jon Stewart about the space program on The Daily Show. For one thing, Neil DeGrasse Tyson never fails to be a really fun and interesting guest on shows like this and The Colbert Report. For another, he’s talking about space. And if there’s anyone who can convince a nation that we need a space program, it’s Neil Degrasse Tyson.

(via Uproxx)

Our Adorable Past

Sarah Vowell Tells Us About the True Meaning of the Day After Thanksgiving [Video]

Sarah Vowell, history geek humorist extraordinaire (and the voice of Violet Incredible), has a very important lesson on history that we have probably never really acknowledged in our lifetimes. As she described on The Daily Show — as its newly minted Senior Historical Context Correspondent — November 25 is Evacuation Day, the day that British troops finally left New York after the end of the Revolutionary War after imprisoning American POWs in prison ships where many, many, many of them died and/or ate maggots to survive. But the good news is that, as we all know, the British finally left in 1783, years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and those surviving prisoners were freed! Some of us will be taking advantage of sales this Black Friday. But some of us will be celebrating history by not eating maggots.

(via Time)

The Idiot's Lantern

Finally: An Article Concerned With What Men Really Want (No, Really)

Hollywood Reporter has an article about the challenges faced by TV executives in marketing to a particular demographic. No, not women! This is actually not another article talking about how hard it is to market towards a female audience! This is actually about men, specifically those in the 15-34 age demographic. And surprisingly enough, it’s not a matter of catering to the lowest common denominator because the most popular shows watched by men are hardly what you’d consider “filler.” And the reasons they like what they like are truly anthropological. This is insightful, interesting, and not your typical “What Men Want” article.


Power Grid

10 Geeks Who Turned Geekdom Into Comedy Gold

Some might say that most comedians were some form of nerd or geek. Insecurity tends to breed comedy, usually when the target of a joke wants to beat someone else to the punch. But how many comedians have truly, honestly held on to the geekiest parts of their lives and then turned it into amazing comedy material? Only the best of the best. In honor of April Fools Day, this week’s Power Grid takes a look at 10 geek comedians who had the last laugh and have been voted “Most Likely to Make a Reference to Something You’ll Have to Google.”