Leslie Jones behind the desk on 'The Daily Show.'

Only Leslie Jones Can Save Us From an Annoying Family Thanksgiving

Leslie Jones is a national treasure.

Leslie Jones is back as guest host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. One sketch on the show highlighted that the only way to avoid annoying family members at Thanksgiving is to hire Leslie Jones to deal with them.

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Leslie Jones is a comedic genius and a national treasure. Through standup and her time on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, she has made a name for herself in comedy. More recently, she has been cutting off noses and marrying hot dudes as Spanish Jackie on HBO Max’s Our Flag Means Death. I’m crossing my fingers for a Spanish Jackie (and her 20 husbands) spinoff show. I need to know how she poison-trains them without their knowledge.

This week, Leslie Jones returned to The Daily Show as a guest host. Since Trevor Noah left the comedy news show, a slew of guest hosts have sat behind the desk. This is the second time Jones has graced us with her presence. Honestly, I hope the powers that be will offer her the gig full-time. I can’t get enough of her.

Never fear, Ms. Jones is here!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are all feeling the stress of meeting up with family for the big dinner. The Daily Show understands that. To help us, they came up with a brilliant solution: hire Leslie Jones to shut down the drama. In a sketch featuring Leslie Jones and a family at Thanksgiving, she uses her perfect comedic timing to stop the inevitable drama in its tracks.

The voiceover for the fake advertisement says Thanksgiving is the time we have to “get together with family members who you might not see eye-to-eye with.” That’s putting it lightly. Never fear, Ms. Jones is here! She’ll come to your home and “politely interject when the conversation becomes political.” All for the low price of $29.99! When one guy says he’s happy Roe v. Wade was overturned, Jones replies, “That’s the conversation you want to start right now?” Yes, queen.

Jones even has the power to stop the drama before it begins. She appears behind a young man and whispers, “Try that MAGA shit.” If he does try it, she’ll tell the family exactly what he uses the Wi-Fi for. And if your family still doesn’t pick up the hint, she’ll just scream at them. Who hasn’t wanted to scream at ignorant family members during the holidays? But Jones does it with style.

(featured image: Comedy Central)

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