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The Daily Show Recaps Fox News’ Week in Racism Because You Don’t Want to Wade Through That Crap Yourself

The good folks over at The Daily Show know you don’t want to watch Fox News, but maybe you want to be informed about their racist segments anyway. So they went ahead and recapped it for us.

As you might expect this week, there was a lot of racist rhetoric regarding Native Americans. The talking heads might have thought they were aiming their insults at Elizabeth Warren and the DNA test she released to challenge Trump’s attacks on her declared distant heritage. But because no one at Fox News actually cares about Native Americans, they throw around derisive references to Pocahontas and a whole slew of bad not-even puns–really just jokes about the Trail of Tears and other totally inappropriate references.

Lindsay Graham almost made it through his interview without letting his attack on Warren bleed through to general racism. He said he would take a DNA test because he bets it would show stronger Native American heritage than Warren. That’s disregarding a lot of what actual Native Americans have been saying in response to Warren about how that status is rooted in culture, not “blood quantum” and other DNA qualifiers, but by Fox News standards, it’s pretty okay.

And then he goes and makes a joke about the DNA test coming back with results of Iranian heritage, as if that’s the worst thing it could show, basically implying it would make him an honorary terrorist or some such racist BS.

Oh, and then there’s Laura Ingraham warning audiences about “Democrats who want to replace you the American voters with newly amnestied citizens and an ever increasing number of chain migrants.”

Guess what, Laura! No matter how “newlied” they might be amnestied (and no matter where they came from before), if they’re citizens, yes! We want them to vote! We don’t want them to replace anyone, though. Does she know there’s not a cap on American votes per election?

Also, according to the School of Fox News, “lynching” is a totally acceptable term now because lynching wasn’t just for Black people. It was for anyone “a mob felt deserved ….” Are we going to talk about who made up those mobs and who they tended to target? No? Okay, cool.

Of course, that’s only a small portion of the racist rhetoric put out by the network this week, but thank you, Daily Show, for not making us wade through all of it ourselves.

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