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The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Went to an Iowa Trump Rally and It Was an Actual Nightmare


While nearly all of the recent political attention on Iowa has been focused on the Democratic caucus, Donald Trump and his most fervent supporters haven’t gone anywhere. Last week, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper travelled to Des Moines to talk to some of the people attending a Trump rally there. The main topic on everyone’s mind was impeachment and if you thought that subject couldn’t get any more depressing, strap in.

During this trip to Iowa, Klepper used his signature interview style, masterfully (and hilariously) getting people to weaponize their own ignorance against themselves. We’ve seen him do this with Trump supporters a number of times before and it’s always painful but it never gets old. He doesn’t really disagree with the people he’s talking to; he just talks them through their own train of logic until it becomes apparent just how ridiculous they sound.

Here are just a few of the conclusions about impeachment Klepper and the Trump supporters came to together:

—“While they seem to want firsthand information from witnesses, they definitely didn’t want witnesses with firsthand information.”

—Everyone should “read the transcript” because it proves Trump is innocent and since so many people (meaning Fox News hosts) already have read it and say it’s fine, then we don’t need to read it ourselves, even though everyone definitely should. Because innocence.

—Trump has to be innocent because he’s being so open about everything! If he had something to hide, he would would be blocking and evidence and witnesses and just because he is blocking evidence and witnesses, that’s probably also fine too.

The whole video is just five and a half minutes of listening to people parrot out the nonsense talking points that they don’t just believe but will actively defend, despite them being straight-up, easily disprovable lies if you only take about 15 seconds to actually think them through.

Republicans came up with the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to describe liberal and progressive criticisms of Trump and I will never understand that usage because honestly, what else are we supposed to call all of this?

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