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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Star Trek

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Schmexy Star Trek Body Pillows

Hey, remember that Loki/Thor cuddle blanket? Here’s another thing kinda like that. For sale by IdentityProductions on Etsy. (via Creepbay)



Astronaut Wears Firefly, Star Trek Shirts In First Instagrams From Space

Was NASA astronaut Steve Swanson, currently residing on the ISS, already wearing this Firefly t-shirt (“Shipping & Logistics: Everything’s Shiny”) when he decided to take the first Instagram sent from space? Or did he decide to take the pic and then think “Wait, this could be even more nerdy. Time to go change!” Either way, gotta love it.

For the second Instagram taken from space, by the way, Swanson wore a t-shirt featuring the symbol of the Klingon Empire. Should we be worried about his allegiances? Check that one out behind the jump.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Life-Size Replica of Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite

Yes, for a mere $7000, Han Solo can become your favorite decoration, too. You’ll have to practice the evil laughter on your own, though. (via Collider)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Go Find A Space Party! It’s Yuri’s Night!

Listen up, space cadets! April 12 is Yuri’s Night, an international event celebrating human spaceflight and exploration. Today, our planet is hosting over 200 parties, scattered across every continent (yes, Antarctica included). Head to the official site to find a shindig near you.


Make It So

Happy International Tabletop Day! And Happy First Contact Day, Too!

Today, tabletop gamers around the world are celebrating the sublime pleasure of chucking dice and flipping cards (you are going to send us pictures of your game day, right?). And on this day forty-nine years from now, Zefram Cochrane will become the first human to travel in a faster-than-light vessel, thus initiating first contact with the Vulcans. Whether you spend today destroying your friends’ defenses or decorating cupcakes with delta shields — or both — it is a good day to be a geek.

You’ll be comforted to know that even in the age of holodecks, friends will still make time to sit around tables and game together. Though this clip focuses on three-dimensional chess, I believe the lesson learned here can be applied to any game of strategy. Kotra, for example. Or kadis-kot.


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

You’re Not Going To Want To Put Your Drink Down On These Impressive Nerdy Coasters

Apocalypse Fabrication from Etsy is a CNC metal cutting and fabrication company located in California run by the husband and wife team of Jason and Katie Lister. And wow, do they produce some fantastic stuff. I’ve got some coasters at my house but I rarely take them out. These I’d hang on my wall. Take a look at creations inspired by comics, video games, sci-fi, and more!


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Google Pays Tribute to Dorothy Irene Height

Educator, activist, and champion of the economic, educational, voting rights of African-American women, Dorothy Irene Height has been honored with a Google Doodle on the occasion of the one hundred and fourth anniversary of her birth.


this exists

A Reawakened Captain America Has Some Important Things On His To-Do List

Thanks to Redditor LargeMaleDogOrHorse, we have a very important screenshot from Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Steve Rogers’ to-do list. To be fair, since the guy woke up in our time, he’s been pretty busy doing that superhero stuff, nice to see he finally has some time to indulge. But some important questions remain: Did Steve make this list or did Natasha (or Coulson) make it for him? Which order did he watch Star Wars in? Why is disco on this list at all?? But just think, when he’s done, Steve will finally understand some references!

Previously in Captain America


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Stan Lee Trying to Separate Thor and the Hulk

Not all that glitters is gold

VISORs Are a Star Trek-Loving Girl’s Best Friend

Etsy seller Eyephoria Design will make you a ring that looks just like Geordi La Forge’s VISOR. Buy it for yourself, or as a gift for whoever you’re seeing at the moment.

Did you see what I did there?

Previously in Star Trek