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Now That Only the Kelvin-Verse ‘Star Trek’ Movies Are Available on Paramount+, Maybe You’ll See Things My Way

Finally my time has come. You will all be forced to appreciate the Kelvin-verse. My plan is working, and you will all soon love my favorite Star Trek movies. That’s what you get for being mean. 

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To be fair, you can still stream the original Star Trek movies. They’re just no longer on Paramount+, the home of the franchise. Hilarious to think about it like that, but it is weird that the home of Trek does not have the original Star Trek movies on its platform. What it does have are the movies starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban. Yes, you can still watch the magic that is Star Trek Beyond to your heart’s content. 

The Kelvin-verse movies (aptly named because they exist in an alternate timeline) started with the 2009 Star Trek from director J.J. Abrams and gave us a new crew of the Enterprise. They are beautiful and getting to see their adventures is extremely necessary in the world of Trek. Also, who doesn’t want to see more of Leonard Nimoy as Spock? Point is: These movies rule and we have been stuck in limbo about whether this franchise will continue for years. And it has sucked. I just want more of my Enterprise! 

It’s important to me that we all rally behind this franchise and demand a Star Trek 4. It’s an easy enough reason for us to rally behind the idea now! To be fair, the Star Trek movies move around often, typically yearly, and we have to just kind of figure out which streaming service they’ve landed on.

So why not spend this time without the original films on Paramount+ with the Kelvin team? Okay, fine. You can still watch the original movies online if you’re so inclined. 

To boldly go … back to the old crew

A screen capture of Star Trek: Wrath of Khan that shows a janitor cleaning behind Kirk and Spock.
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Currently, the original films (like Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan or, if you’re feeling like saving some whales, The Voyage Home) are available on Max. Why do they shuffle around? That’s a conversation for someone with a contract in their hand and not me. 

Personally, I think it is interesting given the conversations surrounding a rumored Max and Paramount+ merger that this is happening right now, but hey, at least it means those who love Star Trek and don’t have Max will be forced to watch the Kelvin-verse movies if they want to watch any Trek movies at all.

In defense of my steadfast love of the Kelvin-verse movies (and what looks like my hatred of the original movies, but I do have a deep love for them as well), I just want more of this universe. We have been experiencing an influx of love for Trek recently and it has been so much fun being a fan of this world, I just want the movies I enjoy to get some of that love, too. Especially since we’ve been teased with a possible Star Trek 4 for so long. And I want that movie to include the whales! 

So you can still watch the original Star Trek movies, but maybe give the Kelvin ones a chance?

(featured image: Paramount Pictures)

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