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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Cautiously Optimistic

Did Captain America’s Hayley Atwell Just Get Her Own Marvel TV Show?

We told you back in October that Hayley Atwell would love to reprise her role as Peggy Carter on the small screen, and today, the internet is ablaze with rumors that this awesomeness might actually be happening. Following in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s footsteps, Agent Carter could be the next show on Marvel’s docket. I’m shaking just thinking of all the retro cosplay opportunities that this show could bring us.


Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Did You Hear About the Fantastic Four/X-Men Movie Crossover? Are There Any Pants on Fire in Your Area?

This morning a financial news site offhandedly mentioned that Fox Studios was ramping up their Fantastic Four reboot at least partially so that they could dovetail it neatly into a massive crossover with their ever-expanding X-Men franchise. It was stated offhandedly in the midst of a speculative report on the earning potential of the other two companies that own film rights to Marvel characters, Sony and Fox.

It’s been widely run with and reported as a new rumor around the web, but don’t go planning your Michael B. Jordan/Ellen Page slashfic just yet.


Oh Really?

Unsubstantiated Rumor Of The Day: Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor

Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, could soon be playing a well known villain with certain similarities to Walter White, at least according to Latino Review writer El Mayimbe on twitter. Yesterday, El Mayimbe tweeted out several not-so-subtle hints that Cranston might be joining the DC Universe as Lex Luthor.


Elsewhere on the internet

OK, So This Is… Odd. Matthew McConaughey to Star in Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie?

Odd but good! For me, 2012 was the year of “Wow, Matthew McConaughey is a really good actor. I did not see that coming.” So I’m pleased to hear that he’s being considered for the lead in Christopher Nolan‘s sci-fi epic Interstellar, whereas a year ago I would have made this face.



So a Planet Hulk Movie Isn’t Happening, Then?

In a Battle of the Anonymous Sources, Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Latino Review‘s report from earlier this month that Marvel would be taking a trip to Planet Hulk for their standalone Hulk movie is “1,000% inaccurate.”

1000%. No wiggle-room there. So tell us, AICN. Why can’t Marvel utilize the Planet Hulk storyline, where the Hulkinator ends up on another planet and takes over?


Educated Guess

Today’s Wild Thor 2 and Marvel Studios Rumor-Mill Roundup [Doctor Strange? Really?]

Take all this in with one skeptical eye, but rumors are flying wildly over the nearly-finished sets of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. Normally, we don’t hold with the sort of outlandish, unsupported rumors that come with superhero movie territory, but we can’t resist them if they’re just weird enough – or wish-fulfilling enough – to be interesting. And boy, is this one interesting. Hit the jump for wild, unabashed speculation, news about that Phase 1 box set, and some more set photos!



Our Favorite Rumor Of The Day: Will The Walking Dead Become a Feature Film?

Television-to-movie transitions are often very hit or miss. Sometimes it can go extraordinarily well, as was the case with The Muppets movie, and sometimes it can go horribly, horribly wrong, as distraught Avatar: The Last Airbender fans are quick to point out. As a result, fans are often understandably split over the issue of filmic reboots — is it worth potentially sullying the source material? If Bloody Disgusting’s Mr. Disgusting is correct about burgeoning rumors of a feature film adaptation of AMC’s The Walking Dead, this timeless debate may once again ignite flamewars in comment sections across the Internet.


Oh Hollywood

Twilight Remake Denied — For Now

Already mourning the end of Twilight with the release date of Breaking Dawn Part 2 inching closer and closer? Don’t start brainstorming those fanfiction continuations just yet, there may be more films in store for this immortal franchise. Maybe.



Not Content With Making All the Money, Will The Avengers Be Re-Released to Make All the Future’s Money, Too?

Hey, remember that time before The Avengers opened, and we all got super excited about it opening, and then it opened and made a billion dollars? Good times, right? Well, Marvel has been stroking their long, pointy beard and thinking, “Hey, what if we bring back those glory days of early last month and release the director’s cut of The Avengers in theaters and make another billion dollars?” It’s not anywhere near official, but apparently, there are rumblings of such a thing taking place.


we loled

Hilarious Thing That Will Never Happen: Angelina Jolie Approached to Direct Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

We at The Mary Sue generally don’t cover stories about gossip and celebrities. No, we cover the stories, the storytellers, the artists, the creative minds of our generation and those of generations past. But this rumor about Angelina Jolie beng considered to direct a movie adaptation of the glorious Twilight fanfic smutfest Fifty Shades of Grey is hilarious. I mean, we know who Angelina Jolie is, right? The lady who made her directorial debut in a movie about the Bosnian war that was filmed in Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian, who generally spends her personal time in treehouses around the globe bringing the world’s attention to all the disasters we’ve been ignoring … yeah, that lady is probably not going to direct a BDSM movie. But let’s make fun of the people who think she might!