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Lady Gaga Is Becoming the New Barbra Streisand

2018 takes away, but it also gives

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There isn’t official confirmation yet, but Rosie O’Donnell is running around saying that Lady Gaga is taking to Broadway as the next Fanny Brice. Funny Girl, a musical I’ve always considered my own personal mantra, has been rumored to be coming back to Broadway for quite some time.

Glee‘s creator Ryan Murphy always brought forth the idea that Lea Michele would take on the iconic role as she was his “next Barbra Streisand” which, no. As much as I loved Lea Michele as a musical theater-loving girl named Rachel, I never pictured her as the next Barbra Streisand. Gaga, to me, was more of a Barbra type from the start, as a woman who constantly fought against what people told her to do and did what she believed was right for her career and her music.

Now, hot off of her run as Ally in the new A Star is Born movie, Lady Gaga could be making her way to her very own EGOT (she’s already got the Emmy and the Grammy, the Oscar is hers for the taking, and now, she just needs a Tony). So of course we have people saying she’s coming to Broadway as Fanny Brice. They’re also pondering other iconic roles that Gaga could play if she’s out there to secure a Tony, like The Witch in Into the Woods or Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

Apparently, a man was told by Rosie that it is happening and, if this was 2011, I’d have said “Over Lea Michele’s dead body.” But now, I kind of want Lady Gaga to take the Barbra Streisand road to success, including cloning her beloved dog someday. Twitter had some reactions to the news but since it is still up in the air over how true it is, everyone is still a bit skeptical.

Still though, if this is happening, Gaga can take on all the Babs roles. Look, bear with me here, but what if Lady Gaga also brought back The Way We Were?

Truly though, someone needs to make sure Lea Michele is okay…

My own reaction is strong because I have continually said how I wanted Lady Gaga to be the next Barbra, as I feel like her story fits with Barbra’s the most.

All that being said, we don’t know yet whether this is a sure thing and that’s fine. But for now, please let me live in the idea that Lady Gaga could take on Fanny Brice on Broadway.

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