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Kitchen Overlord

  1. Kitchen Overlord Has a Recipe for Custom Candy Hearts That Don’t Taste Like Chalky Ass

    Unless you like chalky ass. Then do whatever you want.

    It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. If you're out shopping for just the right kind of candy heart but don't like gnawing on chalk or passing on canned sentiment, then may we suggest making your own? Our friends over at Kitchen Overlord have this handy guide to custom culinary caring confections. And great news: they're really easy.

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  2. Kitchen Overlord Makes the SHIELD Logo Delicious

    Defend your mouth from superhuman danger.

    I'm sure at one point or another we've all stared hungrily at the SHIELD logo and thought, "I'd really like to eat that." Well, now you can, thanks to our friend Chris Rachael Oseland AKA the Kitchen Overlord. She's cooked up a recipe for Coulson's Magical Tahitian Pull Apart Bread. Enjoy!

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  3. Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Repeal Day with These 35 Geeky Cocktails, Just Not All at Once

    Go home, Prohibition! You're drunk!

    80 Years ago today, Prohibition was repealed, and everyone raised a glass to celebrate. We think it's as good a reason as any to drink at work, so with the help of our friend Chris-Rachael Oseland from The Kitchen Overlord, we've put together a list of 35 geeky cocktails we think you should (responsibly) try.

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  4. Stuff As Many “Mercs With A Mouth” As You Can Into Your Own Mouth with This Deadpool Sweet Roll Recipe

    Or you could just make chimichangas instead.

    Want to make your Thanksgiving spread just a little bit geekier? These Deadpool-themed sweet rolls are sure to do the trick. And unlike their pockmark-ridden counterpart, there's nothing gross underneath the famous mask -- the dough is dyed with food coloring all the way through.

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  5. Kitchen Overlord Makes Potatoes Anna With a Wonder Woman Twist

    Great jumpin' Hera, that looks delicious.

    We might not be getting a Wonder Woman movie any time soon, unfortunately, but with a couple of winter vegetables and a whole lot of butter, we can all make our very own Wonder Woman potato dish to serve at the premiere party some day. Kitchen Overlord Chris-Rachael Oseland makes it look really easy with her latest recipe. Take that, WB execs!

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  6. The Kitchen Overlord Has a Settlers of Catan Cookbook Called Wood for Sheep

    So many tasty little hexes!

    Chris-Rachael Oseland, also known as The Kitchen Overlord, loves to make geeky food. We've covered a few of her recipes, as well as her unofficial Doctor Who cookbook. Her latest effort, Wood for Sheep, is a cookbook inspired by the board game Settlers of Catan. Take a look, and you'll earn some delicious victory points.

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  7. These 1-Up Stuffed Mushroom Pizza Rolls Will Give You All The Energy You Need To Rescue The Princess

    And you've settling for Totino's pizza rolls for all these years. For shame!

    Chris-Rachael Oseland, aka Kitchen Overlord, is pretty amazing at taking your favorite geek icons and making them into adorable, delicious treats, particularly breads and stuffed rolls. These 1-Up mushrooms might be her cutest creation yet, and seem surprisingly easy to make considering that they look exactly like the ones that you find in the Mario franchise. I suddenly feel overcome with the desire to host a Nintendo themed party just so I have a valid excuse to try my hand at these.

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  8. Dinner and a Movie: Make Arc Reactor Pasta Before Seeing Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3 opens this weekend, and sure, you could just go see the movie, or you could make a night out of it by preparing Tony Stark's Seductively Good Arc Reactor Pasta. That's right, in Kitchen Overlord's quest to make all food more awesome, nerd-chef Chris-Rachael Oseland created a recipe to make fettuccine alfredo look like an arc reactor. There's even a handy graphic.

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  9. Here’s How to Make Your Breakfast Look Like Captain America’s Shield

    Huevos rancheros is a delicious breakfast, but it's never made me feel like taking down Red Skull. Thankfully, Chris-Rachel Oseland from The Kitchen Overlord worked up a recipe for "Captain America's Breakfast S.H.I.E.L.D Mark II" which is a variant on huevos rancheros that ends up looking like Captain America's iconic shield. It doesn't even require any vibranium, although you do have to make a blue egg.

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  10. Doing Some Last Minute Egg Decorating? Why Not Make Angry Bird Eggs?

    It's already late Easter morning here on the east coast, but if you've been putting off decorating eggs and find yourself in need of some inspiration, why not give this a try: Kitchen Overlord's Chris-Rachael Oseland has instructions on how your eggs can look like the Angry Birds. She's also got an Angry Birds cocktail garnish for helping get through awkward family dinner.

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