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Kitchen Overlord Makes Potatoes Anna With a Wonder Woman Twist

Great jumpin' Hera, that looks delicious.

potatoes diana

We might not be getting a Wonder Woman movie any time soon, unfortunately, but with a couple of winter vegetables and a whole lot of butter, we can all make our very own Wonder Woman potato dish to serve at the premiere party some day. Kitchen Overlord Chris-Rachael Oseland makes it look really easy with her latest recipe. Take that, WB execs!

Potatoes Anna is a French dish of sliced, layered potatoes cooked in melted butter that’s been a staple in fine French dining since Napoleon III first took the throne. In order to get the signature bustier colors down on her Potatoes Diana (get it? Genius!), Oseland uses beets, sweet potatoes, and purple sweet potatoes (those are a thing?) in an easy-to-arrange pattern. The stars are made from mozzarella cheese, and the lasso of justice is a few strands of cooked spaghetti.

Interesting in crafting your own Amazonian daughter from the clay — erm, potatoes? The recipe over at Kitchen Overlord is pretty easy, provided that you have a mandolin. No, not the instrument — the vegetable slicer. Though if somebody can figure out how to cover an R.E.M. song on a potato slicer, you will have my eternal respect and admiration.

(via Kitchen Overlord)

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