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Kitchen Overlord Makes the SHIELD Logo Delicious

Defend your mouth from superhuman danger.


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I’m sure at one point or another we’ve all stared hungrily at the SHIELD logo and thought, “I’d really like to eat that.” Well, now you can, thanks to our friend Chris Rachael Oseland AKA the Kitchen Overlord. She’s cooked up a recipe for Coulson’s Magical Tahitian Pull Apart Bread. Enjoy!

We’ve told you about a number of Oseland’s recipes before; she even helped us get drunk on Repeal Day. While a lot of her recipes focus mostly on shaping and arranging things to look like something — Captain America’s shield, for example — this time around there’s some actual baking to be done. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

The hardest part seems to be tracking down some authentic Tahitian vanilla beans (because Tahiti is a magical place), but you could probably substitute another kind if that’s all you have or can find. It’s not like there’s an elite omnipresent government agency keeping the world safe from superhuman, interdimensional, or extraterrestrial threats that’s monitoring your every move and will know you’ve missed it up.

For the full recipe head over to The Kitchen Overlord. Baking this bread won’t help explain what happen to Coulson, but it’s going to make your kitchen smell wonderful.

(via The Kitchen Overlord)

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