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Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Repeal Day with These 35 Geeky Cocktails, Just Not All at Once

Go home, Prohibition! You're drunk!


80 Years ago today, Prohibition was repealed, and everyone raised a glass to celebrate. We think it’s as good a reason as any to drink at work, so with the help of our friend Chris-Rachael Oseland from The Kitchen Overlord, we’ve put together a list of 35 geeky cocktails we think you should (responsibly) try.

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We’ve covered a lot of Oseland’s food recipes in the past. They’re fun, geeky treats that usually end up looking like something we love. There’s arc reactor pasta, Captain America’s shield, even little Deadpool sweetrolls. Oseland has boozier tastes as well. Her Doctor Who cookbook Dining With the Doctor has 18 drink recipes. It looks like you can grab the Kindle version right now for $5.99 from Amazon. We highly recommend it.

Oseland also wrote a book called SteamDrunks entirely dedicated to steampunk-themed libations with over 100 recipes. She was a big help in putting this list together, so be sure to check out her blog as well as her books if you see something you like — and we’re pretty sure you will.

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(via Kitchen Overlord, Common Man Cocktails, cover image via New York Historical Society)

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