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Doing Some Last Minute Egg Decorating? Why Not Make Angry Bird Eggs?


It’s already late Easter morning here on the east coast, but if you’ve been putting off decorating eggs and find yourself in need of some inspiration, why not give this a try: Kitchen Overlord’s Chris-Rachael Oseland has instructions on how your eggs can look like the Angry Birds. She’s also got an Angry Birds cocktail garnish for helping get through awkward family dinner.

Oh sure, there are probably stickers or some plastic things you can attach to an egg to make it look like an Angry Bird, but all of the ingredients for Oseland’s recipe are edible. They’re not necessarily things you want to eat together, but you can eat them.

To make the red bird pictured above, you’ll need an egg (obviously), red dye and vinegar, some dried apricot for the beak, a slice of white cheese for the eyes, and a sheet of dried seaweed for the eyelids and pupils. At the end of the day you’ll have yourself a hard-boiled egg accented with cheese, seaweed, and dried apricot. Yum? It’s more about presentation than taste in this case, so don’t think too much about it.

You can probably figure out how to assemble the red bird from just that picture and the ingredients, but for full instructions with photos on making Red, the other Angry Birds, and for that cocktail garnish head over to Kitchen Overlord’s page. Then have yourself a geeky little Easter.

(via The Kitchen Overlord)

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