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Dinner and a Movie: Make Arc Reactor Pasta Before Seeing Iron Man 3

arc reactor pasta cover

Iron Man 3 opens this weekend, and sure, you could just go see the movie, or you could make a night out of it by preparing Tony Stark’s Seductively Good Arc Reactor Pasta. That’s right, in Kitchen Overlord’s quest to make all food more awesome, nerd-chef Chris-Rachael Oseland created a recipe to make fettuccine alfredo look like an arc reactor. There’s even a handy graphic.

As with other recipes we’ve seen from Overlord Oseland, this focuses more on presentation than anything else, though alfredo sauce is pretty easy to manage from scratch. The goal here is to make the plate look as much like an arc reactor as possible. Short of making a luminescent sauce, I think she nailed it. Check out this graphic by artist Tom Gordon for the recipe:

arc reactor pasta

Oseland suggests pairing the pasta with some other Avengers themed treats like her Captain America’s Breakfast S.H.I.E.L.D. recipe.

(via Kitchen Overlord)

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