Stuff As Many “Mercs With A Mouth” As You Can Into Your Own Mouth with This Deadpool Sweet Roll Recipe

Or you could just make chimichangas instead.
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Want to make your Thanksgiving spread just a little bit geekier? These Deadpool-themed sweet rolls are sure to do the trick. And unlike their pockmark-ridden counterpart, there’s nothing gross underneath the famous mask — the dough is dyed with food coloring all the way through.

Cooked up by our very favorite master of nerd cuisine, Chris Rachael Osland (A.K.A. “The Kitchen Overlord,”), these rolls are admittedly pretty tricky to master. Bread dough takes time to rise, after all, and when you’re working with three different colors of dough molded into a very specific shape, it can get a bit messy. However, we think you’ll agree that the end result is something pretty special. As Osland herself puts it:

All this effort netted me 16 sweet rolls with an uncanny resemblance to Deadpool’s belt buckle. One of the great things about the natural warping that comes from doughs rising at different rates is that I ended up with a lot more expressive rolls than I expected. My favorite rolls looked moderately incredulous that I’d just gone to all this effort.

For the full recipe so you can make your own moderately incredulous Mercs, head on over to Kitchen Overlord.

(via The Kitchen Overlord)

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