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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Jean Grey

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Storm Troopers Play Pranks, Too

JD Hancock put his action figures to good use in these hilarious photos. (via Petapixel)


All this has happened before...

The Wolverine Director Talks Jean Grey’s Role, Drops a BSG Reference

“[Jean Grey] pops up to mock, comfort and advise Logan, much as Number 6 tortured Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica.”The Wolverine director James Mangold, performing a bit of sci-fiception. BRRRRM. Everyone got their tickets for the Psychological Torture Express?

(via: Digital Spy)

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Almost Totally Excellent

Hanie Mohd’s Marvel Ballgowns Are Now Official Marvel Merch on WeLoveFine!

I looked at all of these and tried to figure out which one to put at the top, and immediately realized it had to be She-Hulk, holding up the world. Obviously. I mean, not because she’s my favorite, or anything. It should be obvious to anyone. Hanie Mohd‘s gorgeous superheroine gowns in the art nouveau style are now being offered as prints and shirts at WeLoveFine.

The prints are beautiful, but I know many of you will be disappointed to know that the shirts are currently only being sold in men’s sizes. However, we at The Mary Sue know from experience that if WeLoveFine sees enough folks asking for ladies sizes, they get made. So I’ll just leave their contact info and Mohd’s artist page here. Each individual t-shirt page has a comments section in it, and that seems like the perfect place to let WeLoveFine that there are women out there who want these too.


Great Hera!

Hanie Mohd Draws the Superladies of Marvel in Ballgowns

Artist Hanie Mohd first piqued everybody’s attention by drawing lady superheroes in comfy sweaters, but there’s also an extraspecial place in our hearts for the costumes of lady superheroes redesigned as stately ball gowns. Which one of her current batch of superladies is my favorite? Can you guess?



Marvel To Relaunch… or Something This Fall, Bring Back New (Old) Young Jean Grey

Here’s the funny thing about having two companies dominating 70% of the market share in an industry, is that when one does something, you can bet that the other one is going to try and get in on that action. On the flip side, when that isn’t the case, regardless of the actual motivation for either company’s move, you can bet that it will be compared to any similar contemporary move made by the other.

Which is a roundabout way of introducing the fact that Marvel comics is going to put it’s universe through a soft reboot or a relaunch this fall (right around the 1 year anniversary of DC’s New 52), change artist teams, costumes, story focuses, and titles. And just like every other relaunch in the history of superhero comics, it’s designed to lure new and lapsed readers by offering some titles that start fresh of continuity baggage.