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  1. “Digital Juggling” Lets You Juggle Whatever Your Juggling Heart Desires

    Except for priorities, that is.

    If you're going to take time to master the hand-eye coordination necessary for juggling, you better get awesome results. Now, thanks to "Digital Juggling," your new party trick can also give you the illusion of ultimate power! Check out the 55 second mark to see how keeping balls in the air will make you look like a capricious God.

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  2. Monkey Does Not GAF How Expensive This Guy’s Camera Is, Steals It to Make Video Selfies

    He should've tried, "Get your hands off my camera, you damn dirty ape."

    Man, this guy is really not happy that a monkey stole his super expensive GoPro camera. How do I know? Because he keeps yelling at the monkey about it while it continues to not understand human speech and be adorable. The monkey eventually traded it back to a zoo employee for some fruit, as monkeys do, and now we have this great video.

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  3. Fox Shows Promise as Photographer, Steals Nature Show’s Camera to Practice

    This fox found a camera inside a rotting carcass. To its credit, which one would you run off with -- the camera or the carcass?

    Dear foxes, this is how you get a reputation for being sneaky and untrustworthy. A Dutch wildlife TV series leaves out a perfectly nice rotting carcass for you to snack on, and stuffs it with a video camera so they can observe you in your natural habitat. So what do you do? You ignore the meal, of course, and steal the camera -- which, to be fair, is a pretty 'foxes being foxes' thing to do.

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  4. Smile And Say AAAAHHH: Hacked Pepper Spray Will Take a Snapshot of Your Mugger

    Being pepper-sprayed is a deeply unpleasant experience, which is why in a perfect world, it's usually reserved to people who are trying to mug, rape, or otherwise assault someone. And if someone is trying to pull that sort of crap on you, you don't want to just hose them down with capsicum. You want to put their ass behind bars where they belong, and to do that, you'll need a good description of your assailant.  A team of students at Cornell University though, want to do you one better, which is why they're developing a miniature camera that can be paired with a can of pepper spray to snap a picture of the perpetrator while you're sending them high-tailing with your self-defense spray.

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  5. Meet MeCam, The $50 Surveillance Drone That Will Watch You Wherever You Go Next Year

    Have you always wanted a tiny robot that hovers behind you, documenting your every move, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a lumbering UAV or a quadcopter so noisy it can't join you inside fancy restaurants? Of course you have, because it's pretty clearly the coolest part of living in a self-inflicted Orwellian police state. Well, your long wait is getting close to over with the announcement of MeCam, a tiny, digital camera-equipped quadcopter that will follow you around and upload pictures and videos of you to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more in real time. Even better? The MeCam is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and should retail for just $50 when it comes to market early next year, meaning you'll never again have to worry about living an unexamined life.

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  6. Hidden Snowman Camera Reveals What It’s Like To Be Eaten By A Tiger [Video]

    When the morbidly curious staff at England's Longleat Safari Park wanted to know what it looked like to be eaten by a tiger, they did what any thinking person would do and installed some hidden video cameras inside a pair of snowmen situated near the tigers. Snowmen and tigers being natural enemies, the big cats promptly disemboweled the snowmen -- hey, we said they were enemies, not that it was a fair fight -- and made a valiant effort to feast on their remains, offering a never-before-seen look at what it's like to be mauled by a tiger. Well, never before seen by anyone who walked away from it anyway. OK, fine, maybe Roy.

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  7. This Working Camera Is Made Of LEGO, Cardboard, Duct Tape and (We Assume) Dark Magic

    This is a full, working reproduction of a vintage Autochrome Lumière camera, made of nothing but LEGO pieces, cardboard, and duct tape, supposedly. We would be fools to believe there is not also some black magic in the works here, but as we can't prove it, we'll just have to tip our hat to the camera's creator, Dominique Vankan, DIY hero and likely sorcerer.

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  8. Facebook Launches Standalone Camera App Suspiciously Similar to Instagram

    Yesterday, Facebook announced that they would be rolling out a new standalone app for iOS. Focused entirely on image sharing, the new app -- called Camera -- allows Facebook users to quickly browse existing images, take photos, apply interesting filters, and then upload them to Facebook. Basically, it's a blue Instagram.

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  9. Throwable Ball Camera Creates 360º Panoramas

    This strange looking device is a 360º panormaic ball camera, developed by the Computer Graphics Group. Inside the green, plastic-armored ball are 36 cameras of the variety used in cellphones. Using integrated sensors, the ball detects when it has reached the apex of its flight and snaps a photos simultaneously from each camera. Once uploaded onto a computer, the ball's custom software stitches the images together into a movable, explorable panorama giving a view that's certainly like no other. Admittedly,  the actual utility of the device is probable pretty low as it experiences some of the same distortion seen in Google street view images. However, it provides a unique perspective, and certainly packs a lot of potential in this humble sphere. See a video of the ballcam in action, after the break.

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  10. NASA Sues Astronaut For Selling Camera From Apollo 14

    The U.S. government has initiated a lawsuit against a former NASA astronaut to recover property used on the Apollo 14 moon mission. In question is a camera used during the 1971 mission that was brought to the attention of NASA after it was placed up for sale in a New York auction. Edgar Mitchell was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 14 and is the sixth man to have walked on the moon. He claims the camera is rightfully his, and is part of his personal collection of memorabilia. The lawsuit was filed in Miami federal court and accuses Mitchell of illegally possessing the camera and attempting to sell it for profit. NASA reportedly learned the camera was in Mitchell's possession after the British auction house Bonhams announced plans to sell the camera at a Space History Sale billed as one of the two cameras from Apollo 14's lunar module Antares. The camera was expected to fetch between $60,000 and $80,000.

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  11. Seagull Steals Video Camera [Video]

    Lions apparently aren't the only creatures in the animal kingdom that have some serious sticky fingers when it comes to camera equipment. In this video, a seagull makes off with a GoPro camera, giving viewers a great view of Cannes by night. Sadly, true to form for a bird, it quickly looses interest and ditches the camera on a high wall where the camera's owner apparently recovered it. (via Reddit)

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  12. Combination Revolver/Camera Shoots, Shoots

    In 1938, this curious device made its way through the streets of New York: A Colt 38 revolver which, when its trigger was pulled, simultaneously snapped a picture and fired a bullet. Gives a new meaning to "say cheese and die." (Photojojo via PetaPixel)

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  13. iPod Touch with 2MP Camera Leaks in — Where Else? — Vietnam [Pics]

    Now it's just getting ridiculous:, the Vietnamese scoop factory behind the leaked iPhone 4, is back with a bevy of clear photographs of what appears to be an iPod Touch with a 2 megapixel camera.

    Some skepticism is warranted: According to BGR, even if this iPod Touch is a genuine Apple product and not a counterfeit, it's still possible that this could be "an older prototype left over from Apple’s failed attempt at placing a camera in the iPod Touch last year."

    Judge for yourself:

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