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“Digital Juggling” Lets You Juggle Whatever Your Juggling Heart Desires

Except for priorities, that is.

If you’re going to take time to master the hand-eye coordination necessary for juggling, you better get awesome results. Now, thanks to “Digital Juggling,” your new party trick can also give you the illusion of ultimate power! Check out the 55 second mark to see how keeping balls in the air will make you look like a capricious God.

Hiroaki Yamaguchi and Hideki Koike of Koikelab are the gentlemen jugglers behind lumospheres, the first projector-camera system to track balls (presumably also bowling pins and things you set on fire) and project images onto them in real time. The lab explains:

It is difficult to project images to the flying balls because of the latency of the projection system. We introduced a prediction model using a Kalman filter and achieved stable projection to the flying balls. The system composed of a motion capture system with 6 cameras (250 fps) to detect 3D position of the balls. We applied our system to juggling performance which is called “Digital Juggling.”

Gizmodo speculates that in the future, digi-juggling could even be used at professional sporting events, so look forward to baseballs brought to you by Doritos and Frozen II: Sven’s Revenge! In the meantime, I’m officially interested in juggling for the first time since elementary school P.E. It’s not so funny when I’m juggling your head, is it?

(via Gizmodo, image via LumoSpheres)

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