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Hidden Snowman Camera Reveals What It’s Like To Be Eaten By A Tiger [Video]


When the morbidly curious staff at England’s Longleat Safari Park wanted to know what it looked like to be eaten by a tiger, they did what any thinking person would do and installed some hidden video cameras inside a pair of snowmen situated near the tigers. Snowmen and tigers being natural enemies, the big cats promptly disemboweled the snowmen — hey, we said they were enemies, not that it was a fair fight — and made a valiant effort to feast on their remains, offering a never-before-seen look at what it’s like to be mauled by a tiger. Well, never before seen by anyone who walked away from it anyway. OK, fine, maybe Roy.

The video from inside the mouth of Soundari, the tiger doing her level best to eat the camera and make herself right at home in your most vivid nightmares, is so good that staff at the safari park feel they can skip her next dental checkup. And while we never thought that doing dental checkups would be exactly the best part of hanging out with tigers for a living, after seeing this video, we can understand why you’d want to avoid it if at all possible, because looking in that mouth — even on video — seems for all the world like staring into the grim face of death itself. Yeesh.

As to why staff at a safari park would want to know what it looks like to be eaten alive by a tiger… well, that’s a mystery to us as well. Preparing for worst case scenarios, maybe?

(via CNCBC on YouTube)

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