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Fox Shows Promise as Photographer, Steals Nature Show’s Camera to Practice

This fox found a camera inside a rotting carcass. To its credit, which one would you run off with -- the camera or the carcass?

Dear foxes, this is how you get a reputation for being sneaky and untrustworthy. A Dutch wildlife TV series leaves out a perfectly nice rotting carcass for you to snack on, and stuffs it with a video camera so they can observe you in your natural habitat. So what do you do? You ignore the meal, of course, and steal the camera — which, to be fair, is a pretty ‘foxes being foxes’ thing to do.

Then again, this is also how you get a deserved reputation for being pretty dang clever. So on that front, good on ya, though the “clever” angle is diminished by you trying to eat the camera. Like, several times. That said, when this fox isn’t actively chewing on the camera, it gets some shots that aren’t bad. You are wasting your potential as a scavenger, fox! You should be in art school! Go make something of your life!

(via Laughing Squid)

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