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Agent Coulson

  1. New Pics From Agents of SHIELD Episode 4 Bring The Ming-Na Flawlessness

    More like BLING-Na, am I right?

    All-new photos from the fourth episode of Agents of SHIELD season two have just been released, and Philinda fans are going to be pretty stoked on these pics. I have to say they're giving me a strong "Shindig" vibe (for all you Firefly fans out there). Phil's pants aren't nearly tight enough, but I'll let it fly.

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  2. So, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Has Been Renewed For Season 2, How Do We Feel About This?

    Audience Participation

    We've just learned the fate of several comic book TV adaptations (including Marvel's Agent Carter series!!) but we thought, oh I don't know, you might have a few things to say about ABC picking up Agents of SHIELD for a second season. Shall we discuss? 

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  3. Agents of SHIELD Casts Another Marvel Villain, Amy Acker Talks About Falling For Coulson

    Marvel has announced another comic book villain is set to go up against our agents. Who is it? Hit the jump to find out and also get bonus Amy Acker!

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  4. Funko Pop Agent Coulson Is Watching You


    He may not be vintage but he is highly collectible. Clark Gregg is certainly excited. Previously in Agents of SHIELD

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  5. The Best Part Of This Agent Coulson Toilet Seat Is That Clark Gregg’s Seen It

    And I'll Form the Head!

    Tom Milton, "provider of bespoke, hand painted toilet seats," immortalized Agent Coulson on this $500 (yes, that's right) toilet seat. Immortalized him more than he already is, I mean. The fandom has already proven that we won't let him die. Here's Clark Gregg's reaction: (via: Nerd Approved) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. The Doubleclicks Wrote an Ode to Agent Coulson


    Is that a new guitar, Angela and Aubrey? Is it strung with my heartstrings?

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  7. Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Pilot


    I trust you all watched Agents of SHIELD last night? Enjoyed that extended Thor promo? Caught the brief second of Heimdall kicking butt because, yeah, if you have Idris Elba in your movie you better freakin' use him? Good. Lets get down to business. Just one more thing: For the duration of these recaps this recappper will be spelling S.H.I.E.L.D. "SHIELD." Because it is not National Punctuation day any more.

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  8. Clark Gregg on What Really Made Him Sign up for Agents of SHIELD


    I enjoyed what they did with Coulson in The Avengers; his story was an important part of that movie... When Joss Whedon explained that the question of what Coulson is doing alive has far reaching implications for the series and that there's a mystery involved, I signed up immediately. - Clark Gregg to Metro. Ever since the pushing three hour moment in which I saw The Avengers, it seemed to me that the movie was leaving Marvel Entertainment a backdoor to bring Agent Coulson back whenever they wanted to (most easily expressed with the phrase "Rule #1: Director Fury Always Lies"). The fact that the creators of Agents of SHIELD have not only refrained from taking the easy way out but also committed to making the explanation of Coulson's return have a major effect on the series' setting and story. Well, that's the kind of gravitas that reversing a fictional death should be treated with, if it must be reversed. I'm looking at you, comic books. The whole Metro interview with Gregg is full of nice little nuggets, for example: who would he really like to see in Agents of SHIELD? Oh, just his favorite childhood superhero, Iron Fist. Previously in Clark Gregg

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  9. Agent Coulson on the Cover of Time Magazine


    Well, technically he's on the back cover (according to PPYAJuneBug on Tumblr), in an ad for Agents of SHIELD, but, good gag Marvel PR. Good gag. (via Tumblr.) Previously in Agents of SHIELD

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  10. Latest Agents of SHIELD Promo Delivers What We All Really Want: Agent Coulson


    No hints as to how he came back after being stabbed by Loki, but as it's been made pretty clear that question will be an ongoing plotline in the series, that's not unexpected. This featurette does, however, reveal why SHIELD interrogation rooms are so precisely lit.

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