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  1. Michael B. Jordan Won’t Dignify the “Ignorance” of Fantastic Four Race Questions

    "There’s a thing called adoption." - Michael B. Jordan, 2015

    Plenty of real people have siblings of different races. It's not a big deal, and Michael B. Jordan is tired of incessant questions about the racial specifics of playing noted-white-person Kate Mara's sibling in Fantastic Four—in general, and also in this one specific interview, in which Jimmy Kimmel fails to take a hint.

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  2. New Batman v Superman Posters, Batmobile and Batsuit Images, Now in Slightly More Color!

    Next time: brighter lighting!

    The Batman v Superman marketing train has left the station whether we like it or not, and we now have posters, NBA stars test-driving the batmobile, and a full batsuit reveal! Well, a color batsuit reveal. Well, slightly more color. This is a DC movie we're talking about, after all. DARKNESS. NO PARENTS.

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  3. Disappointed, But Not Surprised: Disney Excludes Black Widow From Avengers: Age of Ultron Merch


    We told you this was going to happen - and lo and behold, Black Widow is missing from nearly all of Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise.

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  4. Have Mercy! John Stamos Explains the Plot of Fuller House is a Genderswapped Full House

    Also, the title is about to make sense in a tragic sort of way.

    John Stamos just blew my mind.

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  5. Verizon Fios Soon to Offer “Custom” Channel Packages to Lure You Back to Cable TV

    Netflix and Hulu can be heard laughing maniacally.

    Hey, do you remember how you used to have to pay a Cable provider a bunch of money to watch approximately 5% of the channels that paid for? Or maybe you still do, because there's a show or two you just can't get through an alternative service? Either way, Verizon wants to get back in your good graces by offering custom-tailored cable channel packages.

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  6. Clark Gregg’s New Twitter Avatar is “I Put on My Bra One Boob at a Time” Tina Belcher

    So Coulson is a fanboy for Cap AND Tina??

    Worlds... colliding... awesomely!

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  7. BREAKING: Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off to Star Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood

    But do we really need a show about Mockingbird and Hunter?

    We already knew that an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D spin-off was in the works. Now, we have word that Mockingbird and Hunter might be at the center of it.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: The Minions Now Have Their Very Own Paint Color

    *Excited muttering*

    Clap your hands if you've finally found your ideal shade! The Pantone Color Institute has created its first new color in three years, inspired by the Minions of Despicable Me fame and a suggestion from Pharrell. Anyone else having The Yellow Wallpaper flashbacks?

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  9. Mitch Pileggi Confirms The Skinman Will Return For the New X-Files Series

    We're getting the band back together!

    Yes, Mulder spilled the beans on a recent late night appearance a few weeks ago but check out what Walter Skinner, otherwise known as Mitch Pileggi, had to say about returning to The X-Files. Also I just wanted an excuse to use this picture of the cast in the bath.

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  10. Captain Marvel Movie Officially Lands Writers Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve; Get Excited


    We've still got a bit of a wait for the Captain Marvel movie, but despite being pushed back a few months for Spidey-reasons, Marvel is making progress and has just officially announced some exciting writers for the project—especially for those of you who enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. So... everyone.

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  11. Once Upon a Time in Conversation: “Sympathy for the De Vil”

    Oh, Cruella, darling. What did you think of last night's Once Upon a Time?

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  12. You Can Build Your Very Own BB8 From Star Wars: The Force Awakens Because Science Is Amazing


    We'd heard that BB8, the rolling droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was an actual practical effect, but I don't think any of us really believed it until the world crapped its collective pants when BB8 rolled out on stage during the film's panel at Star Wars Celebration to engage R2 in an adorable-off. Well, prepare your trousers for round 2: you can build your very own BB8.

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  13. Game of Thrones Recap: The House of Black and White

    Arya is so over everything right now.

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  14. Game of Thrones Book Spoiler Open Thread: The House of Black and White

    If you're not an ASOIAF reader and prefer to remain unspoiled, this is not the post for you! Head on over to Jill's spoiler-free episode recap instead.

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  15. Actual Queen Meryl Streep Has Funded a Screenwriting Workshop for Women Over 40

    Women make up about 29% of TV writers and a miserable 15% of film writers, and you know who's not going to let that stand? Meryl fuckin' Streep, friends.

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  16. Anne of Green Gables‘ Jonathan Crombie Passes Away at 48

    True friends are always together in spirit.

    Canadian actor Jonathan Crombie, best known for his role as Gilbert Blythe in the Anne of Green Gables TV movies, passed away last Wednesday in New York from a brain hemorrhage. Crombie was 48.

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  17. Hold Onto Your Genetically-Engineered Butts, the Second Trailer for Jurassic World is Here

    Someone said the magic word.

    What do you think, raptor gang?

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  18. New Fantastic Four Trailer Has an Omen of Doom

    Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM, DOOOM.

    It's been a crazy week just absolutely jam-packed with trailers. If you aren't burnt out yet, then this brand new Fantastic Four trailer featuring the eponymous heroes and their tin can arch-nemesis is just for you.

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  19. Things We Saw Today: Chris Pratt’s Totally Sweet Jurassic World Raptor Bros

    No Indomitus Rex here. I checked. I think... maybe?

    It really threw a lot of people for a loop when the first Jurassic World trailer showed Chris Pratt as Owen Grady riding his motorcycle with a bunch of raptors. When you think about it, and when you check out this rad new poster that the studio released today, it all just seems... right.

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  20. First Star Wars Anthology Film Star Wars: Rogue One Plot Details Revealed

    Wedge will always be my Rogue One, but this is great, too.

    In a panel on the final day of Star Wars Celebration, director Gareth Edwards revealed the details behind a brand new Star Wars spinoff film, Star Wars: Rogue One.

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