Pomni from The Amazing Digital Circus, holding on to her sanity.

Where and How To Watch ‘The Amazing Digital Circus’

Pomni fans, unite.

It’s the internet’s favorite new online series, and it’s out now. Created by Gooseworx, The Amazing Digital Circus is a “psychological dark comedy about cute cartoon characters who hate their lives and want to leave,” as studio Glitch Productions describes it. Whether it’s the adorable main character Pomni or the wacky cast of digitally marooned humans she finds herself stuck with, the internet just can’t seem to get enough of this 3D animated indie.

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The Amazing Digital Circus’ pilot launched on October 13, and it’s available for free online. That’s right: You can watch The Amazing Digital Circus without paying a cent. Want to catch it for yourself? Here’s how.

Where to watch The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus is available on YouTube via the official Glitch Productions channel. This is partly the reason for the series’ popularity: You don’t even need a YouTube account to watch the pilot. Granted, yes, the video has ads, but it’s a small price to pay for one of the greatest indie animated comedies to come out of 2023.

The best way to watch The Amazing Digital Circus is to visit its YouTube playlist. This playlist includes the pilot and any other related videos connected to the series. We’ve also gone ahead and embedded the first episode right into this article, in case you want to get started watching the series right away without heading to another page. So nice of us, right?

As of October 2023, the series only has one episode—the pilot, which is approximately 26 minutes long. Glitch is currently looking to greenlight the series for a full run, with the studio encouraging fans to buy merchandise to fund additional episodes.

It seems likely Glitch will keep making more of The Amazing Digital Circus, for the record. After the pilot’s launch on October 13, the first episode gained two million views in just 24 hours. As of October 25, the pilot has been seen 29 million times.

For updates and new episodes, don’t forget to subscribe to Glitch’s YouTube channel. You can also visit the studio’s official The Amazing Digital Circus listing for more information on the series and a full episode list.

(featured image: Glitch Productions)

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