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Should You Let Your Kids Watch ‘The Amazing Digital Circus’?

The Amazing Digital Circus does many things well. It has a goofy cast of characters and a hilarious dark sense of humor. But more than anything, Glitch Productions and Gooseworx do an incredible job of poking fun at colorful, family friendly animation. Pomni isn’t allowed to curse under mental duress. No one needs to sleep, eat, or take care of themselves in the digital circus. And if you happen to go insane? No worries, that problem can be easily swept under the rug, too.

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Given that The Amazing Digital Circus has a light-hearted vibe on the surface, parents might be wondering if the series is appropriate for their kids. Here’s what you need to know, and whether you should let your four-year-old catch the series on YouTube.

So, is The Amazing Digital Circus for kids?

Don’t let its colorful and quirky cast of characters fool you. The Amazing Digital Circus is an adult animation intended for an older viewership. The series parodies family friendly 3D cartoons, showing that no amount of wacky adventures and goofy hijinks can cheer up a group of people trapped against their will in a simulation they want to leave.

Things get particularly disturbing in the pilot episode. Pomni is on the verge of a mental breakdown throughout the full 25 minutes, with the show intimately exploring the tension between accepting her new reality and wanting to leave. The plot of the first episode (which we won’t spoil) might be unsettling to young viewers as well, as it shows the disturbing and horrific end result of obsessing over an impossible task that simply cannot be reached. There’s even a jumpscare halfway through that might be scary to young children.

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While it’s ultimately up to your discretion, you probably shouldn’t let your young kids watch The Amazing Digital Circus. It deals with mature themes around psychological torture and stress, and some of the bigger questions the series asks might be a little too confusing for young viewers. Simply put, this is not a series made with kids in mind.

That said, The Amazing Digital Circus is a fantastic fit for teens and pre-teens. And given that its fanbase skews a bit younger, teen viewers shouldn’t shy away from checking out the Digital Circus fandom. They’ll find a lot of high school- and college-aged fans creating content around the series, from video edits to original images and comics.

But if your six-year-old wants to watch The Amazing Digital Circus, you should be aware that it’s not exactly age-appropriate.

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