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  1. Why You Should Be Watching Sound! Euphonium: Trumpet Staccato and Geek Bravado

    Sound! Euphonium is nothing if not an absolute medley of love and winks towards its target audience of old and new band geeks, and it’s all too obvious that these experiences and characters come from a very real, special place in the director’s heart.

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  2. The Mary Sue Interview: Director Marah Strauch Talks About Her Documentary, Sunshine Superman

    It’s only fitting that in the summer, when movies are all about thrills and special effects, the new documentary Sunshine Superman should be released. The engrossing film about the late Carl Boenish, the founder of BASE jumping, and his wife and partner Jean, is all about capturing the stunning visuals these jumpers were able to capturing during their leaps.

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  3. The Legend of Korra Newbie Recap: “The Revelation”

    OK, Mako got a LITTLE better.

    I wasn't the hugest fan of last week's episode. Didn't hate it, but it wasn't up to the ol' ATLAverse standard, either. Let's see if the team can turn things around this time.

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  4. The On-Screen Response and Reaction to Televised Rape and Sexual Assault Needs to Change

    So you may have heard that The Mary Sue will no longer be covering one of HBO's biggest shows because of the inclusion of yet another unnecessary and exploitative rape scene. There have been many reactions to this scene, including discussions of censorship, the right to adapt and revise literature, marketing vs. editorial coverage, and the difference between addressing and depicting rape on-screen.

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  5. The Opening Scene of Witcher 3 Has The Most Butt I’ve Ever Seen In A Video Game

    Bottoms. Buttocks everywhere.

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  6. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 75 & 76

    A wild Time Lord appears!

    The story moves forward a bit and then settles into its next mini-aRc as new (surprisingly likeable) villains take the stage and Chibiusa’s mysterious helper at last introduces herself. Also, cake! And really, what’s not to love about that?

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  7. iZombie Recap: “Mr. Beserk”

    This Rager ain’t any Fun Fun at all.

    Get juiced up, iZombie fans! This week’s episode is all about energy drinks!

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  8. #Occupotty 2: Return of Occupotty, The Debate That Never Ends

    #Occupotty 2: Return of Occupotty

    The bathroom debate won’t go away. I’m scrolling though Twitter, tea in one hand, warm cat on my lap, and I read another piece describing awful transphobia toward a seven-year-old girl in Canada. Cisgender people somehow think that trans people are a danger to them in bathrooms; it’s an idea that drives past ignorance and into the desert of bigotry, but it’s an idea uninformed politicians don’t want to shake.

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  9. Coping With Anxiety and Depression Through Fiction

    or, “How Rocket Raccoon Fixed My Mental Illness” (haha, not really.)

    Everyone experiences anxiety and depression differently.

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  10. LadyStar: Escape from Widow Island, Part Three

    In this new multi-part serialized fiction story for The Mary Sue, LadyStar: Escape from Widow’s Island tells the story of Jessica and her team of fighters pitted against their teacher during the last phase of their training as Ajan Warriors.

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  11. Watch Out! She’s Got Science!: On the Portrayal of Female Scientists in Media

    We all know there’s a problem out there when it comes to women and science. Girls are discouraged from learning about science, and women are harassed out of scientific careers. In fact, the general public doesn’t even think of women when they think of scientists. But just what kind of role models do we have out there for a world that desperately needs more female scientists?

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  12. Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Lazenby manages to humanize James Bond and make him a character worth empathizing with. Aside from a few incidences of violence towards women and racism, I found a lot to like about the film and Lazenby's Bond.

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  13. Fiskal Responsibility: How a Supervillain Did Right by Autistic Characters

    Being part of a marginalized group and looking for representation in pop culture can be both entertaining and incredibly frustrating. Because there are so few explicit examples, there’s lots of fun to be had devising headcanons--that is, one’s own interpretation of content never made explicit in the text—but as much fun as that can be, it can be disheartening thinking about all your favorite (in my case) autistic characters and then realizing 90% of them were never confirmed as such.

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  14. When Art Targets Marginalized People

    A game was recently removed from Steam, the major platform for PC gaming distribution. It’s a light gun game: a target reticule is all you control as characters pop on screen to shoot. Indeed: Shooting is all you can do. As with all such games, the challenge is in the position and appearance of targets, as well as the type of characters who appear: Some are meant to be shot, some grant bonuses, others result in penalties. The challenge is knowing who to shoot. The game is called “Kill the F*****

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  15. The Psychology of Inspirational Women: Grimm’s Juliette Silverton

    Juliette Silverton (played by Bitsie Tulloch) was initially the romantic partner to Nick Burkhardt, the leading character of the series and a Grimm. The Grimm’s job is to fight and destroy the Wesen, the humans who are also (to some extent) shape shifters, allowing them special abilities.

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  16. Stop Comparing The Black Widow SNL Sketch And The Supergirl Trailer

    There's actually more than one way to be a woman.

    It's a fair comparison at first glance, or at least it seems to be; but using the Black Widow sketch as a way to decry the contents of the Supergirl is not only a disservice to the show's potential, it perpetuates a very worrying sentiment.

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  17. The Mary Sue Interview: Katharine Isabelle on 88, Hannibal, and Why She Likes Playing (and Working With!) Horror’s “Timeless Bitches”

    “I mean badass motherf----rs!”

    When you think of modern day scream queens—no, not the ones in that Ryan Murphy show—you gotta think of Katharine Isabelle. This is a woman who has been in a few of the most fearless female-driven horror films of the last decade (Ginger Snaps and American Mary!). She’s also a champion for changing female roles within horror, partnering with fellow genre gals (ahem, Jen and Sylvia Soska) to create parts that are more than just the hopeless victim or virginal final girl.

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  18. The Mary Sue Interview: Amy Berg on Female Anti-Heroes and Portraying Complex Women in Film

    Amy Berg is one of the biggest names in documentary filmmaking today - But Berg is also moving into narrative filmmaking, and makes her debut with the crime drama Every Secret Thing, a mix of Gone Girl and Mildred Pierce starring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Fanning, Danielle MacDonald, Nate Parker, Common, and Renee Elise Goldsberry (oh, and it’s produced by Frances McDormand, and written by Nicole Holofcener).

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  19. Why You Should Be Watching My Love STORY

    It satisfies my sweet tooth in more ways than one.

    Not too many people understand Takeo Gouda very well. Or at all, really. He’s a towering uberbeast of an eighth grader with the face of a wrestler who happens to have the rock-hard internal core of a golden retriever puppy with a chocolatey coating (that is, until something threatens him or something he cares about, as we quickly discover).

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  20. Spaced Newbie Recap: “Back”

    We're starting season two!

    And we’re back! After a week or two (or three but who’s counting) of a Spaced break I’m ready to dive right in. The season begins with the status quo being shaken up a bit

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