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  1. Legend of Korra Recap: “Old Wounds” and “Original Airbenders”

    Chapters 6 and 7!

    Our weekly recap continues!

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  2. Legend of Korra Recap: “In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal Clan”

    Chapters 4 and 5!

    This area will continue to be a leaked episode spoiler free zone!

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  3. The Only Open-World Game I Want is No Man’s Sky

    You can't take the No Man's Sky from me.

    The idea of open-world games is alluring: We want to explore a world so real and immersive that it can offer us the fullest escape possible from our own. But creatively speaking, as soon as you remove the invisible boundaries that separate the linear from non-linear, we cease to discover a story that's compelling. But maybe going as far away as space is the answer. No Man’s Sky, one of E3’s biggest marvels this year, could be the one truly open-world game I can get behind.

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  4. 10 Anime to Watch and Watch Out For This Summer

    And they're all Sailor Moon. (Just kidding.)

    It's no secret that over the last few years anime has become an increasingly hard hobby to get into for multiple reasons. One of the biggest of those reasons is that so many series are now aimed at hardcore fans that it's difficult to find one that the average person can get into without needing a wealth of background or specialist knowledge. What's a person to do?

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  5. Spooked Stars Derek Mio and Shyloh Oostwald Talk Sci-Fi and Their Own Paranormal Experiences


    Geek & Sundry’s ghost hunting horror-comedy Spooked premiered online on June 4th and gave geeks another great new web series to get hooked on this summer. Co-stars Derek Mio (Greek) and Shyloh Oostwald (In Time), who play Elliot and Piper respectively, took the time to sit down with The Mary Sue and talk ghost hunting and the endless possibilities of online-only TV distribution.

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  6. Empathy and Megan Wallaby: Exploring One of Welcome to Night Vale’s Greatest Strengths

    Hello, listeners!

    Welcome to Night Vale draws from the weirder elements of The Twilight Zone, the sinister elements of Lovecraft, and the dark humor of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, but there are also oddly progressive aspects to its eponymous fictional town that we don’t always get to see in the real world. Like the townspeople's attitude toward the Apache Tracker, and the relationship between Cecil and Carlos. And then there's Megan Wallaby.

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  7. Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned from Han Solo

    The Jedi Doth Return is out today!

    Author of the William Shakespeare's Star Wars trilogy, Ian Doescher, is here with a guest post about how Han Solo taught him everything he needed to know.

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  8. Dominion Recap: Godspeed

    Lions, and angels, and razor wings. Oh my!

    Dominion's pilot exhaustively set up its post-apocalyptic world. With the heavy-lifting done, episode two digs in with murder, deception, angel battles, and super runaways.

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  9. A Field Experiment on Gender Stereotypes and Video Game Interactions

    +2 CHA, -2 STR

    I have a soft spot for studies about multiplayer games. Partly, this is because games are my stomping ground, and I like to nitpick the things I love. But more importantly, such studies are often reflective of how game culture is inextricably tied to the real world. The values and beliefs we hold out here can’t help but trickle down into virtual environments as well. There’s a new study that illustrates this beautifully, with a focus on social norms and expectations. In other words, my jam.

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  10. Otaku Dictionary: Japanese Honorifics

    Allow us to explain.

    When you first watch Japanese animation in its native language it's only natural that you'd come across words that you don't understand.

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