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  1. The 25 Best Movies Of 2014 – That You Might Have Missed

    2014 has been an interesting year at the movies. The overall box-office was down (and summer blockbusters particularly underperformed in the States, though not worldwide), but the number of films being released continues to go up. But one of the biggest stories in the year of movies is the rise of VOD.

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  2. Avatar: The Last Airbender Newbie Recap: “Sokka’s Master”


    After last weeks’ (in TV time—two weeks ago in me-time) Katara-centric “The Painted Lady,” this week we get something we haven’t gotten in a while: A SOKKASODE

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  3. How Would You Fare In The Edwardian Era? A Downton-esque Survival Guide

    All about the tech, toys, and tools of the time.

    When we return to Yorkshire on January 3, how does the brave new world inhabited by our favorite Downtonite ladies stack up against our own?

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  4. American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: “Orphans”

    Pepper, the microcephalic “pinhead,” is the first American Horror Story character to ever appear in more than one season. Up until this episode, Pepper (a veteran of what I consider AHS' finest season, Asylum) functioned as little more than an extra in Freak Show. You could basically pretend it was a completely different Pepper and still keep the seasons separate in your mind.

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  5. Childhood Memories: What Does Your Nostalgia Hoard Reveal About You?

    Space Princess as a valid career goal, pants, and other important things.

    As popular as nostalgia is right now (and who hasn't freaked out because they saw a t-shirt with '90's X-men cartoon Gambit on it and spent nearly thirty bucks on it? Right?) we obviously don't have access to a time machine to go back and badger our past selves into keeping everything. So... unless you have access to an actual bunker and were able to keep all of the things, you're probably something like me, and have kept a few important pieces that remind you of how cool, baby you was.

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  6. Kamala Khan As The New Spider-Man: Why Captain America 3 Should Feature Ms. Marvel

    Yeah. We went there.

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  7. Review: You’re Invited to the Heart-Stopping Terror Party in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

    Leave the lights on and make sure that your stuffed animals have their fluffy limbs tied before you play Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2—we don’t want them squiggling around and creeping behind our backs.

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  8. Being A Woman in STEM: Why Do We Even Bother?

    At the beginning of November, I attended a lecture on the preparations for the Rosetta Mission launch of the Philae Lander at a museum in San Francisco hosted by the museum’s senior scientist, Isabel Hawkins.

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  9. Why the Batgirl #37 Controversy is the Conversation We Need Right Now

    When I started writing this piece, I was angry. I wanted to take DC Comics' entire Batgirl creative team to task for what they had done, and I wanted to ask one question: why?

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  10. Review: Chris Rock’s Top Five Is Fun But Unquestionably Problematic

    Rock has serious trouble writing women, but it's still the best new film of the week.

    It's somewhat odd that it took Chris Rock almost thirty years to do a project which isn’t only as personal as Top Five, but that incorporates his stand-up personality as much as this film does.

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