Leave Out a Plate of Brains and Milk for Zombie Santa Claus

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Were you naughty or nice this year? You know something? It doesn’t really matter since Zombie Santa Claus fully intends to sate his ravenous hunger with your sweet, sweet flesh either way. Sculpted by Justin Cissell and distributed by Of Corpse You Can, this Zombie Santa Claus ornament can be yours, bringing that horrific Yuletide touch to your Christmas tree — sure to make for a lovely conversation piece and a source of unending nightmares for small children already struggling with a socially crippling fear of the fat man in red. For your sake, it’s best just to admire him from a distance and keep your fingers away.

For those of you disappointed with Hallmark’s glaring ;ack of zombie-themed Holiday baubles, here’s the product description:

It’s a Zombie Santa Claus Christmas tree ornament! I haven’t been able to find any in stores, and it seems mind-numbingly obvious that this is what people really want on their tree. A limited time offer, this model is available THIS YEAR ONLY. A perfect, unique gift for zombie and tech enthusiasts. Digitally sculpted from scratch, this is not a modification of any existing design.

That’s right, the Zombie Santa Claus head is a limited time offer and, by now, may arrive too late to inspire terror on Christmas morning. Fear not, there’s always next year to make your family wet their long johns on Christmas day in the morning.

(via Shapeways)

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