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George A. Romero, “Father of the Zombie Movie,” Has Died at Age 77

George A. Romero, the Night of the Living Dead director who arguably invented the modern zombie movie, has passed away at the age of 77.

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Things We Saw Today: Nintendo Switch Shipped Early to Lucky Customer, Menus Unveiled in Video

One lucky Nintendo fan managed to snag a Nintendo Switch two weeks early and was kind enough to put together a video showing off the new console's menus.

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George A. Romero Has Trouble Pitching Low-Budget Zombie Films, Thanks Brad Pitt and The Walking Dead

With shows like The Walking Dead and iZombie on television, and big budget films like World War Z and Warm Bodies dominating in cinema, it's clear that zombies are the monster of the moment. (Sorry mummies, vampires and werewolves.) And after successes like 28 Days Later and Zombieland, major studios will obviously continue push films like that in the theater.

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Am I Becoming a Monster? How Tokyo Ghoul & Contracted Demonstrate the Horror of Healing From Trauma

Though most people would tell you Tokyo Ghoul should never be compared to Contracted, both stories look at how we view grief, acceptance, loss, fear, anger and moving on in eerily similar ways.

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TIFF Review: The Girl With All the Gifts Finds a New Perspective on Zombies

3/5 stars.

Melanie is a special girl, but she’s not a human girl.

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Watch 100 Years of Zombie Evolution: From White Zombie to Walking Dead

Warning: lots of blood!

Top Trending shared a video from Dying Light: The Following that shows us the different kinds of zombies pop culture has seen over the years.

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Things We Saw Today: Zombie Mugs Represent How We All Feel Without Coffee

These zombie mugs are amazing. Not only are they hand-crafted by Turkey Merck Pottery, but they're also fully functional. Given the fact that each goes through a serious hand-making process, they'll put you back at least $200--but the next time someone wants to approach you before you've had your morning caffeine, they might think twice.

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Danny Boyle Confirms Work Is Being Done on New 28 (Somethings) Later Film

In an interview with Indiewire to promote Steve Jobs, director Danny Boyle opened up about progress on the 28 Days Later "threequel" and whether or not he'd be up for directing another zombie film.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Elijah Wood Talks Genre Movies, Women in Film, and Having Cooties

"I think there's something artful about genre cinema." - Elijah Wood

Every experienced teacher, no matter how much they love their students or their job, at some point has the strong urge to whack their students in their faces with blunt objects. Well now, there's a horror comedy that caters to that impulse. It's called Cooties, and it stars Elijah Wood. In it, a group of hapless teachers are trapped in a school with zombie children.

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Cats vs Zombies Is the Best Zombie Film in All of Forever

Give it all the Oscars.

Cats fight zombies to save the survivor kitten!

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Save 30% on This 10 Piece Emergency Kit from Boltwell in The Mary Sue Store

Take that, zombies!

Be prepared for anything (aliens) with help from the BoltWell B*10 Must-Have Emergency Kit, now $74.99 at The Mary Sue Shop.

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Watch Fear the Walking Dead‘s First Scene Right Here, Never See Church Basements the Same Way Again

Give up on Gloria, dude. She's a lost cause.

AMC has posted the first scene of Fear the Walking Dead on its Facebook page, and it validates all my distrust of basements. There there be monsters!

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Interview: Director Henry Hobson on Maggie and Tackling Euthanasia and Fear of Illness Through Zombies

Graphic designer Henry Hobson already has a name in the film industry for his work as a title designer, but he had almost no experience as a director when he took on the zombie drama Maggie. We talked to him about the real-world connections to the movie's themes and what it was like to use Arnold Schwarzenegger's star power.

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Things We Saw Today: Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel In the Ultimate Team-Up


Can something be adorable and badass at the same time? The answer is yes. Check out the amazing cover for Ms. Marvel #17, drawn by Kris Anka, in which we're teased about the team-up we've been waiting for!

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Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Shows Us True Horror—and It’s 20 Years Old

This Claire sandwich needs more kick.

Revelations is supposed to bridge the two phases in Resident Evil’s history: the “classic” survival-horror style, with long mansion hallways and tricky puzzles, and the newer breed, where zombies move fast and bioengineered monsters grow gigantic pus sacs from every orifice. But all Resident Evil: Revelations 2 does is make me wish we could turn back the clock 20 years—that the good old days are still possible to relive. They’re not.

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Fight of the Living Dead Releases First Trailer

Because running from zombies is FUN!

Apparently, LARPing is the final frontier when it comes to reality TV. The first trailer for Fight of the Living Dead was released today, and it looks...interesting. Fight of the Living Dead, an 11-episode reality competition show that debuts March 22nd on ConTV, asks its contestants (um, survivors) to find the antidote to the zombie virus, all while keeping from being bitten by the zombie hordes.

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The Walking Dead Spinoff Gets Two-Season Order, First Stills

♫ In your head, in your head♫

According to ComingSoon, AMC announced today that the network has already placed a two-season order on the long-awaited The Walking Dead prequel series set to premiere this summer.

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Special Edition of Dying Light Comes With a Literal Zombie-Proof House, Costs $400,000

It's to die for.

Usually video game special editions come with few deleted scenes, a poster, and maybe a statue. Well, how about a zombie-proof house?

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Zombie Cat Bursts Forth From The Grave After Dying

In Florida, of course.

Bart the cat was much-beloved by his family—which is why it was so tragic when he passed away after being hit by a car. Or so we all thought.

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Dying Light‘s Oculus Rift Support Is a Perfect Fit for the Game and VR

Techland's (Dead Island, Call of JuarezDying Light is an open world zombie game all about freedom in moving around the environment to escape your imminent doom at the bloody hands of the infected. If that kind of huge, open world ready for exploration seems like a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift, that's probably because it is.

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