The Featherington sisters and their husbands in Bridgerton season 3

Could ‘Bridgerton’ Really Move on Without These Fan-Favorite Characters?

I cannot imagine a season without Polly Walker's Portia, please!

The best thing about a new Bridgerton season is that there’s a new season. And the worst thing is that we might have to say goodbye to some beloved characters who might not appear in the next season. After Bridgerton season 3, that could be Lady Whistledown voice Julie Andrews as well as Penelope’s family, the Featheringtons!

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While we do have confirmation from showrunner and EP Jess Brownwell that they’re trying to retain Dame Julie Andrews for season 4 and try something new with her voiceover, fans are worried that after Penelope’s wedding, we might not see the Featherington ladies and their husbands in the new season.

The Bridgertons have been the best family in the ton but by the end of season 3, they got some tough competition in the Featheringtons. With all the healing that took place between Lady Portia and her daughters, and with Prudence and Philippa also changing their attitudes towards Penelope, season 3 ended with a very happy family portrait.

The Featheringtons, Bridgerton, all done up in golden, copper, and rose gold dresses

All three Featherington girls were not only married but also had children of their own. While the other two had daughters, Penelope had a son with Colin, and he inherited the Featherington title and estate. They even had the money from Lady Whistledown to refill their coffers, and it looked like all’s well that ends well for them.

So naturally, fans are a little sad that with Penelope’s book story wrapped up, and the Featheringtons getting their closure, they might not see them in Bridgerton season 4 anymore, just like we didn’t see the Sharmas after season 2. Lady Portia might still return, but Prudence and Philippa and their adorable husbands might not!

And this Instagram post from actor Lorn Macdonald, who plays Lord Albion Finch might’ve just confirmed suspicions.

The caption he wrote with the post definitely looks like a goodbye to a character that “started off with a cheese and a sneeze.” He even thanked his co-star, Harriet Caines, who plays his wife Philippa on the show, and wrote, “To my Philippa. My partner in crime. It’s been real. Bless you.”

Over the last two seasons, fans have grown fond of Philippa and her absolute green flag of a husband, Lord Albion Finch, who looks on with enthusiasm and delight at everything the Featherington ladies do. And Philippa had one of the most viral moments from the show this season with her “Inserts himself where?” line!

Prudence too has always been great comic relief. And Lady Portia, played by the indomitable Polly Walker, has been proclaimed by many as one of the best characters on the show.

So can we keep them on, please? Or at least bring them on occasionally in future episodes?

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