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So You Want To Find the ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Claw Machines …

The most exciting bit of merchandise for Deadpool & Wolverine has obviously been the best friend necklaces. Two halves of one heart (one looking like Deadpool and the other like Wolverine) hang on a simple chain, and we all want our own version of it!

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I managed to get mine by playing the handy-dandy claw machine games that the movie has put into theaters for promotion (on the first try, too)! Some theaters are running a promotion where you pre-order your ticket for the movie, and then you can use that to get a coin for the machine. There, you have to use your skills as a claw machine master to grab an egg and get it in the drop box safely.

All my years of either forcing my brothers to win stuffed animals for me in claw machines or trying my hand at it myself have paid off! I got my necklace and was so happy that I instantly lost the second time I tried it. Still, I got mine, and that’s what we all want, right? But you might not have seen where the claw machine exists for you!

Luckily, someone has collected all the theaters that they’ve found the machines in! On Reddit, one user collected every location in movie theaters that have the claw machine, and you have plenty of options to go to (or … at least in California, you have a lot of options).

Where is one near me?

As of right now, the state with the most options is California. You can find the claw machine in Burbank 16, Century City, Irvine Spectrum (Regal), The Grove L.A., and Metreon San Francisco. Next is New York, with machines in both the AMC Lincoln Square (where I won my prize) and in the Times Square AMC (home of bed bugs all the time).

There is even one in the Cineplex in Scotiabank in Toronto! There’s at least one in multiple states across the country as follows:

  • Arizona – Harkins Estrella
  • Florida – Disney Springs
  • Georgia – Phipps Plaza 14
  • Illinois – River East Chicago
  • Massachusetts – Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place in Dedham (this is NOT an AMC)
  • Missouri – Barrywood Kansas City
  • Nevada – Town Square 18

So do you have what it takes? Will you be a one-try-wonder like me? Who will you share your Deadpool and Wolverine necklace with?

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