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So That Zombieland Sequel Is Still in the Works

Does "better late than never" still apply here?

Writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are giving up some new details on the much-delayed film.

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Grab Your Twinkies, The Zombieland 2 Logo Has Been Revealed

While attempts to get a Zombieland TV show off the ground were effectively double-tapped, it would appear that failure hasn't deterred Sony in its quest to give us more zombie stuff. At its CinemaCon presentation, the studio revealed logos for a number of upcoming projects, including Blade Runner, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the now-confirmed follow-up to the 2009 Zombieland.

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Amazon Studios Passes on Zombieland Pilot, Internet Collectively Breathes a Sigh of Relief

It wouldn't be an inaccurate statement to say that the prospect of a Zombieland show over at Amazon initially piqued the interest of pretty much everyone here. Like, the movie, but a show? Sign us up! Or so we once foolishly thought. That was before the pilot dropped and shattered every dream we had about seeing Columbus and the gang in a new series. Amazon Studios apparently agreed, as they've officially passed on the show.

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Amazon’s Zombieland Series Pilot Arrives to Prevent You From Getting Any Work Done Today [Video]

If you've been waiting to get a look at Amazon's newly minted Zombieland series, consider your long wait over -- the pilot has arrived, and Amazon Prime subscribers can get their first taste of the show right now on Amazon Instant Video. If you don't subscribe to Amazon's streaming service, you can still get a taste of what you're missing  -- and maybe an argument for signing up? -- in the trailer below.

Read More’s Zombieland Pilot is a Real Thing That’s Happening, Here’s the Picture to Prove It


Attempts to get a Zombieland television show off the ground have been happening since before the movie was even conceived, but it's taken the mercantile nature of growing online streaming video market to give it its best chance yet. Even so, when's pilot of the show does air, it won't get turned into a series unless it pulls enough eyeballs, so you should probably get used to the new actors playing the characters. I asked Zombie Bill Murray whether he'd be appearing, but he said nobody would ever believe him.

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Zombieland Show Now a Thing That’s Happening at Amazon

Ever since Zombieland managed to garner an impressive following back in 2009, there's been talk of an actual television show set in that universe. At one point, Fox was reportedly attached to produce a series, but nothing's really been too definitive. Thankfully, Amazon Studios apparently realized this was a gross oversight, because they've announced that they're definitely producing at least a pilot for a Zombieland television show. It's not all roses and Twinkies, though.

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Things We Saw Today: This Star Wars Wedding Cake Is Most Impressive

Things We Saw Today

Each tier of depicts a different scene: The bottom is Luke on Tatooine in a A New Hope (the groom's been to that filming location), the middle is Leia meeting Wicket in Return of the Jedi (the bride's been to that filming location), and the top is the wedding of Anakin and Padme in Attack of the Clones (they want to visit that filming location together). Visit That's Nerdalicious for detail shots.

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The Zombieland TV Show is in the Hands of

the internet is serious business

Streaming digital video services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are on the forefront of what is widely considered (at least by folks with solid internet connections) to be the future of television and home video. Unfortunately it's a nebulous place where, for example, the desires of those that Netflix needs to partner with in order for their service to be relevant have actively opposed interests (like wanting to sell expensive DVD box sets of television series season by season). And in its competition with Netflix to be the go to place to watch cable television shows online, it looks like Amazon may be stepping up its game into an arena that only Netflix had so far occupied: producing original content.

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Looks Like Zombieland Might be Getting that Television Show After All


Did you know that one of the conditions Woody Harrelson demanded for accepting his role in Zombieland was that director Ruben Fleischer go without eating dairy products for a week? Did you know that Zombieland is the highest grossing zombie movie the United States has ever paid money for? Did you know that it was initially going to be a television show? Well, either way, it might reach that goal anyway.

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Train for the Zombie Apocalypse With RunKeeper 3.0

With the new year hours away, a lot of us are realizing how gross and out of shape we are after weeks of holiday eating. We're also realizing just how easy it would be for zombies to get us when the inevitable outbreak occurs. Whether you just want to work off some extra holiday weight, or want to stay in fighting shape to keep the shambling undead from munching on your brains, RunKeeper just released new version 3.0 to track your fitness progress and help you meet your goals. Cardio is rule #1 in Zombieland for a reason, people.

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Watch the First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies, We Promise It’s Not Just Zombie Twilight

Hearing there's a movie that's a love story between a human girl and a zombie could draw instant comparisons to Twilight on the basis of a girl and an undead boy being in love, but the first trailer for Warm Bodies alleviated most of those suspicions. It even looked pretty good. Today they released a clip of the first four minutes of Warm Bodies that should put to rest any lingering doubts that this thing has potential.

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