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Attempts to get a Zombieland television show off the ground have been happening since before the movie was even conceived, but it’s taken the mercantile nature of growing online streaming video market to give it its best chance yet. Even so, when’s pilot of the show does air, it won’t get turned into a series unless it pulls enough eyeballs, so you should probably get used to the new actors playing the characters.

I asked Zombie Bill Murray whether he’d be appearing, but he said nobody would ever believe him.

As previously announced, we’ve got Izabela Vidovic as Little Rock, Kirk Ward as Tallahassee, Maiara Walsh as Wichita, and Tyler Ross as Columbus. Here’s the uncropped picture:

The original writers of Zombieland, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are on board crafting the pilot, which shouldn’t be too tricky since the concept was originally intended to be a television series, not a movie. Eventually, the pilot will be available free from Amazon Instant and LOVEFiLM UK. If Amazon feels like the response to the pilot could support a series, it’ll film one, and presumably those episodes will only be available for some kind of money transaction, putting in the very small business of a paid streaming film and television service that also produces original content. Netflix, with its Arrested Development series, is so far the only other company to venture out into those waters. Godspeed, Zombieland, and Amazon, try not to be a giant dick about the streaming video market like you are in the eBook one.


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