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Amazon Studios Passes on Zombieland Pilot, Internet Collectively Breathes a Sigh of Relief


It wouldn’t be an inaccurate statement to say that the prospect of a Zombieland show over at Amazon initially piqued the interest of pretty much everyone here. Like, the movie, but a show? Sign us up! Or so we once foolishly thought. That was before the pilot dropped and shattered every dream we had about seeing Columbus and the gang in a new series. Amazon Studios apparently agreed, as they’ve officially passed on the show.

How bad was it? Well, I can’t exactly speak for the rest of the Internet, but it definitely came across as pretty flipping awful. Pilots are basically meant to sell a series, and the one for Zombieland instead made me feel bad for liking the movie so much. Like, real bad.

Rhett Reese, part of the creative team from the movie and pilot, isn’t exactly thrilled at this development:



The Internet might have hated this out of existence, but it’s not like the pilot gave us a whole lot to work with. You’re already immediately losing points for not being able to bring back the original cast. While this is a totally understandable move — those actors doing a series like this isn’t easy to coordinate — the response should have been expected. Because of this, the rest of the pilot needed to be spectacular.

It was not.

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