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Which Villains Did You Secretly Root For?

We love them, and sometimes we even agree with their dark ideas.

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No Plans Yet for the X-Men to Join Marvel Movies, Despite Disney Buying Fox


You may remember that when Marvel and Sony finally struck their deal to incorporate Spider-Man into the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe, it caused some shifts in the Marvel movie schedule. Good news: The X-Men (and Fantastic Four) now residing at the same studio, thanks to the Walt Disney Company's buyout of Twenty-First Century Fox, won't disrupt the upcoming Marvel schedule and delay movies we've already been waiting for.

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Why People Want a Dark-Skinned Storm

Along with Misty Knight, who appeared in comics the same year (1975), Storm (Ororo Munroe) is one of the first female black comic book superheroes. While the character has a messy history sometimes, as the result of mostly being written by white men throughout a majority of her existence, she is still, along with Black Panther, one of the most important black characters. Which is why her live-action counterparts have been some of the most hotly debated casting choices.

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“There’s a Lot of Sacrifice and a Lot of Suffering”: First Look at Sophie Turner as The Phoenix

While rumors have been swirling saying that Fox and Disney will be working on a deal, that doesn't stop the X-Men franchise from moving forward with its next film X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Entertainment Weekly released this firey cover and some exclusive first looks at the latest attempt to adapt the classic Chris Claremont story.

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Jessica Chastain Won’t Be Silent About Bryan Singer Just Because She’s Working on an X-Men Movie

Jessica Chastain, has always tried her best to be on the liberal side of politics and open about her desire to make Hollywood a more female-friendly place. She recently re-entered the sexual harassment issue on Twitter by making some pointed comments about Bryan Singer, someone who has had a long history of rumors about his alleged sexual misconduct with young boys.

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[UPDATE: THE DEAL IS DEAD] Our Wish List for This Potential 21st Century Fox/Disney Merger

It was just announced today that "21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney", which is news that anyone who's been waiting for X-Men (and Fantastic Four I guess) to revert to Disney which will allow for actual storylines with a full cast of X-Men characters. If this does go through there are few things we'd like to see happen.

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The New Mutants Trailer Is Here and It Is Freaking Scary

In our spookiest month, Fox has just dropped the official trailer for The New Mutants. The trailer suggests that director Josh Boone and his cast of young superpowered people have made a film quite unlike any X-Men property we've seen before.

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The Latino Hero You Created Just Had to Have a Drug Cartel Past? You’re Killing Me, The Gifted.

I've been really excited for The Gifted, which premieres next week. I'm not even a huge X-Men fan, and yet every trailer has intrigued me. I'm digging the family approach, the fact that it's about parents protecting their children with newly-discovered mutant abilities from a world hostile against mutants. Yet there's one element (created specifically for the show, so there's no source material to blame) that dulls the luster of my excitement.

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With #MutantTrumpPowers, Twitter Imagines Trump as the Worst Member of the X-Men

Whether they were punning about his catastrophic business deals or calling out his racism, Twitter gamely went after the man who would make the actual, certifiable Worst X-Man Ever.

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New Clip for X-Men TV Spin-Off The Gifted Showcases Mutant Powers and Adolescent Angst

The Gifted will follow a family on the run after the children are found to be mutants, and a new clip shows the kids experimenting with their newfound abilities.

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Things We Saw Today: Alamo Drafthouse NYC to Upset Even More Fragile Men With All-Women Screening of Wonder Woman

Gird your loins, "special snowflakes," because there's another women only screening of Wonder Woman headed your way.

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Maisie Williams’ Role in New Mutants Is Just All Too Appropriate, Don’t You Think?

Plus news about Professor X and James McAvoy.

Maisie Williams will be joining New Mutants, playing (wait for it) Wolfsbane, a girl who can transform into a wolf.

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How It Should Have Ended Gives Logan a Musical Send-Off

By referencing Hugh Jackman's role as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables as we get an ending X-men number that would make Victor Hugo proud.

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Marvel Cancels X-Men Gold Artist’s Contract Over Hidden Political and Religious References

Over the weekend, our Marykate Jasper wrote an in-depth examination of the controversy surrounding X-Men Gold's Ardian Syaf. Two days later, Marvel has taken its promised "disciplinary actions," and officially canceled Syaf's contract, effective immediately.

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Marvel Will Remove Artwork, Discipline Artist for Controversial Political References in X-Men Gold #1

Hot on the heels of its "diversity doesn't sell" controversy, Marvel is dealing with another inclusiveness issue. Artist Ardian Syaf reportedly nested hard-line Indonesian Islamist messaging, referencing recent protests in Indonesia, in the first issue of X-Men Gold.

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Things We Saw Today: Friends Remember Anton Yelchin on What Would Have Been His 28th Birthday

Former costars and colleagues, along with a number of industry publications, paid tribute to Anton Yelchin today, on what would have been his 28th birthday.

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Review: Logan is the Brutal, Yet Wonderfully Authentic X-Men Film We Don’t Deserve

5 out of 5 claws.

Loosely based on the comic Old Man Logan from writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, the story centers on Logan who has retired from crime fighting and turned to an Uber-like taxi service to pay the bills.

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[VIDEO] TMS Reviews Legion Chapter 1: A Trippy New Take on the X-Men Universe

Hello there, Legion fans. TMSers Keisha Hatchett and Charline Jao have gathered to discuss the new FX series Legion, based on the Marvel comic. If you haven’t already watched the first episode, promptly exit and then return to this post when you do because there will spoilers floating about. If you have, carry on and don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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Things We Saw Today: Weird Preview Trailers For Snickers’ Live Super Bowl Commercials Starring Adam Driver

This year, Snickers is doing the first ever live commercial at the Super Bowl, starring Adam Driver and, according to the above trailer, "other LESS famous actors." IndieWire has a full series of preview ads like this featuring stunt horses, dead cowboys, and an Adam Driver cardboard cutout. Because he doesn't rehearse. He just shows up and delivers.

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Fox Orders a Pilot For Another X-Men TV Show and It Sounds Kinda Cool

FX's Legion might not be the only X-Men show heading toward television.

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