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It’s About Time: Give Emma Frost Her Own Damn X-Men Movie

The White Queen deserves her own showcase.

X-Men: First Class

With the ink almost dry on the Disney-Fox merger, fans are eager to see how Fox’s Marvel properties like X-Men, Deadpool, and The Fantastic Four will be integrated into Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. While fan theories abound, I am most eager for my favorite X-woman to finally get a showcase befitting her badassery. I’m talking, of course, about Emma Frost.

While Frost has shown up in the X-Men animated series, her only big screen appearance was in Matthew Vaughn’s 2011 prequel X-Men: First Class. Played by January Jones (Mad Men), Frost was underutilized and ill-served, doing little more than working as Sebastian Shaw’s sidekick. And while Jones captured the look of Emma Frost, she brought none of the character’s intelligence, wit or vitality to the film. It was a disappointing misstep in an otherwise smart and stylish film. The film’s sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past briefly references Frost’s offscreen death at the hand of Trask Industries. All in all, Frost’s character deserved better.

There are unlimited options for an Emma Frost solo film, and it’s frankly surprising that Frost is never brought up as a potential spin-off character. We’ve had nearly a dozen Wolverine films, and this summer will see a rehash of Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix storyline. It would be much more interesting to see an Emma Frost solo film that follows a redemption arc as the character evolves from notorious baddie to conflicted anti-hero.

Emma Frost is such a compelling character because of her complexity and her unique qualities as a female character. She doesn’t care about her likeability, and possesses powers beyond her mutations. Frost is highly intelligent, witty, resourceful and very wealthy. She is Bruce Wayne with telepathic abilities. She’s James Bond with diamond skin. And unlike many female mutants, she is not ashamed or afraid of her own powers. She is a self-possessed and confident leader. After all, not many mutants would be just as comfortable leading the Hellfire Club as the do the X-Men.

Frost is also in control of her sexuality, displaying sex positivity before the term even entered the lexicon. She’s romanced Cyclops, Tony Stark, and Namor, to name a few. This characteristic is a natural extension of Frost’s confidence and strong sense of self. She knows who she is and will not apologize for it. Her rich character history and skill set show that she could star in countless different films. She could headline an Atomic Blonde-style retro spy film. She could star in a violent revenge film based on the fallout from Genosha. Hell, I would even watch her in a superpowered reboot of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie starring her and the Stepford Cuckoos.

There is so much to explore with Emma Frost, a character who deserves her own damn franchise. Here’s hoping the MCU will know what to do with her.

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