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A Solo Kitty Pryde Movie Is Reportedly in Development at Fox

Tim Miller, the director of the Deadpool movie, is reportedly developing a solo Kitty Pryde film that he hopes to eventually direct.

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Layoffs, Fewer Films, and Congressional Antitrust Hearings: The Snags and Consequences of That Disney-Fox Deal

We can all get excited about the fictional possibilities of the Disney-Fox deal, but the real-world implications are far less sunny: layoffs, fewer films released per year, and congressional antitrust hearings.

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What What WHAT Is This James Franco X-Men Movie?

James Franco is in talks to produce and star in an potentially R-rated X-Men movie about Multiple Man, and what, oh what, is this brave new world we live in?

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The Gambit Movie Delays Might Have Been a Good Thing, Thanks to Logan and Deadpool

With Gambit conspicuously missing from the X-Men movies, we've been eagerly following the story of a solo movie that would finally bring the character to the big screen—for more than three years to no avail, which has often left us wondering if we're ever going to see it at all. Well rest assured, mon ami; Channing Tatum says that not only is the movie still in the works, but the delays might have been to its benefit.

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X-Men On-Screen Universe Grows in The Gifted Series Trailer

On the back of Legion's success, Fox has another TV show on the way to leverage their ever-expanding X-Men lineup with The Gifted. The first trailer sets up the story of the Strucker family, whose kids have mutant powers, and makes direct reference to the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants.

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Logan Will Be Patrick Stewart’s Last Appearance as Professor X

Good night, sweet prince

In a recent interview, Sir Patrick Stewart stated that Logan would be his last appearance as Professor Charles Xavier. He said, "There will never be a better, a more perfect, a more sensitive, emotional, and beautiful way of saying au revoir to Charles Xavier than this movie."

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Everyone’s Got Their Claws out in the Final Logan Trailer

We've been pretty excited about Logan, not just because the trailers so far have made it look genuinely great, but because we really want to see X-23 make her way to the X-Men movie universe. In this new trailer, we finally get to see her join in some action scenes (and read some X-Men comics).

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Logan Somehow Gets More Emotional With Wolverine’s Past Recut Into the Trailer

"I will make you hurt."

The Logan trailer was already pretty moody, due in no small part to the choice of music, but it was only scratching the surface of our capacity for X-Men feels. This fan-recut trailer digs its adamantium claws in deep by bringing in footage from the rest of the X-Men franchise to remind us just where all of that brooding came from.

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Things We Saw Today: Harry Potter Cast Members Get Sorted

Harry Potter actors got Sorted into Hogwarts Pottermore-style, and their results just might surprise you. (Matthew Lewis' reaction to learning his House was especially amusing.)

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Who Needs X-Men Movies? Honest Trailer Reminds Us the Animated Series Was Honestly Awesome


But you take that Jubilee hate back!

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Review: Average X-Men: Apocalypse Plays the Hits, Underwhelms

3 out of 5 stars.

We still have Suicide Squad in August (the classic untested film adaption to anchor the summer) and November’s Doctor Strange, but the big blockbusters came shockingly early this year. Now that I’ve seen X-Men: Apocalypse, I can wrap my head around this year’s trend of the war between superheroes. X-Men: Apocalypse is right alongside Batman v Superman and Civil War: overstuffed but underwhelming.

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Pull Wisely: Hellcat #4, Spire #7, Harley Quinn #26 and More!

It's Tuesday, and that means we've got a new round-up of ten issues that we all plan to pick out on New Comic Book Day tomorrow -- and when I say "we," I mean myself and my colleagues Teresa Jusino and Jessica Lachenal.

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Watch for X2 Parallels in the New X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

The latest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer offers us a few more hints about the antagonist's rise to power -- and, of course, Oscar Isaac gets a chance to shine by delivering a few new lines as that villain. Plus, Magneto and Xavier relive their feud from X2.

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The #80sXmen Hashtag on Twitter Is Full of Amazing Fanart of X-Men in 80s Clothes

The ever-brilliant Kevin Wada has kicked off a bit of a trend on Twitter.

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Things We Saw Today: X-Men Re-Imagined as Rainbow Brite Characters

Rage Gear Studios created this collection of fan-art drawing featuring popular X-Men characters done up in the style of Rainbow Brite. The perfect combination of adorable and kick-ass!

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Fox Has Delayed Gambit. Will Deadpool 2 Take Its Slot?

Also, Wolverine 3 is still happening?

Fox just quietly removed Gambit from its upcoming release schedule, suggesting that the movie needs some more time to stew. Meanwhile, speculation abounds that Deadpool 2 could end up taking that empty slot.

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Hi-Ho Silver Lining! 6 Lessons Hollywood Can (Hopefully) Learn from the Success of Deadpool

As a writer who has seen less likely things come to pass and who still has a shred of optimism in his black cynical heart, I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of lessons that Hollywood in general can and should take away from the Merc with the Mouth’s solo success.

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Amber Midthunder & Jeremie Harris Join the Cast of Legion, FX’s X-Men TV Spin-Off

Amber Midthunder, who has previously appeared on the TV show Banshee, has just landed a role in FX's X-Men spin-off TV show, Legion. Jeremie Harris of A Walk Among the Tombstones and Blue Bloods has also recently joined the cast.

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Deadpool May Open the Door for an R-Rated X-Force

The Uncanny R-Men.

An R rating isn't necessarily the way to go even for a "realistic" or "gritty" movie—or a comedy, for that matter—although it certainly seems to be working out for Deadpool. For better or worse, that probably means we'll see more R-rated superhero movies in the near future, and one of those could be X-Force.

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Olivia Munn Teaches the Internet How to Do Cool Sword Tricks She Learned as Psylocke

Olivia Munn has prepared extensively for her role as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, from speed-kick training to high-wire sword-wielding . She's also quite handy with a katana -- and here she is teaching us how to do at least one cool trick.

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