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Charlize Theron’s Wonder Woman Story Is an Infuriating Look at How Hollywood Treats Women

Not even the stunning Charlize Theron is immune to ageism.

Charlize Theron on being offered the role of Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta.

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A Talking Raccoon Is Taken More Seriously Than Women by Male MCU Fans

And this hurts me to write because Rocket Raccoon is one of my favorite characters. I hate that men have made me do this!

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With Wonder Woman,Aquaman, and Shazam, What Does the Future of the Justice League Look Like?

Whatever happens, I cannot wait.

It's no secret that the DCEU's first attempt at bringing the Justice League together did not work out so well

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We Need to Learn How to Be Constructively ‘Meh’ About Female-Led Movies

"That's just, like, your opinion."

I didn't love Wonder Woman and I only feel mildly excited about Captain Marvel, but that doesn't make the movies invalid.

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Captain Marvel vs. Wonder Woman: Y’All Are Acting the Same Way Ya Did in 2017

When you make a tweet saying that both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are for the next generation, you expect some pushback.

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The DCEU is Focusing More on Standalone Films, Which Is Probably For the Best

This probably means no Justice League 2 for a while.

"The universe isn’t as connected as we thought it was going to be five years ago."

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Men Clearly Fear Women Leading Nerd Films, and … Good

Fear us.

Do you ever see people getting angry about something and question why it's happening? Recently, that has been my experience with all the Captain Marvel  "discourse."

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For the Last Time, Let’s Not Pit Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman Against Each Other

Similarities in one line do not a rip off make.

In a genre built on the staple of the origin movie, where usually a man discovers he has superpowers and learns how to use them and saves the day, two women following the same path is apparently too much of the same thing.

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Carol Danvers and Diana Prince Aren’t Here for You to Tell Them What to Do

When you look at a list of female superhero movies from major franchises, the list stops at two.

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Brie Larson Cried While Watching Wonder Woman, Is Just Like Us


Remember that time in 2017 when you sat in a theater and wept profusely during Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman? Well, you weren't alone.

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Patty Jenkins Already Has Plans for a Third Wonder Woman

Are we speculating already? Yes.

"I see how her arc should end in my incarnation of Wonder Woman. I have great passion for that.”

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“BURN HIS FIELDS AND SALT THE LAND”: The Best Shoes-For-Sale Ad Ever

"DESTROY HIM. Are you Gal Gadot? Are you an Amazon?" Are you in the market for a new pair of shoes? Good news—here is the finest ad for rose gold gladiator stilettos in the history of time.

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Please Stop Pitting Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman Against Each Other

We can have both.

A new trailer for Captain Marvel dropped last night, and for some people, that means one thing: It's time to compare her to Wonder Woman.

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Why Steven Spielberg’s DCEU Film Blackhawk Should Include These Wonder Woman Characters

If you give me this, I won't complain about a Joker movie for like five whole minutes.

While half of DC's big name films hang in the balance, the studio has been quietly working on developing a multitude of smaller projects not centered on the Justice League characters.

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Patty Jenkins Hyping Up Wonder Woman Costumes Brings Us Joy

"Only love can save the world."

I can't wait to see more Wonder Women at every Halloween from this point onwards. 

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Dear Franchises: Just Include Some LGBT+ Representation and I’ll Stop Yelling At You (Mostly)

If it's bad representation I will yell more though.

We need this representation. We need to have LGBT+ heroes to normalize the LGBT+ community for audiences across the board.

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Tiffany Haddish Wants To Play Nubia In Wonder Woman, So DC, Give Her A Call

You're definitely making a third film, so cast her now.

Look, DC, I know I've been making a lot of demands of you recently, but this is one you definitely need to be listening to.

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Hey DC, Where’s the Etta Candy TV Series?

Or transport her into the future in Wonder Woman 1984, I'm not picky.

Give us more female-led projects, DC, because as established, that's what people tend to like in your franchise.

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Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman Was an Inspiration for Viola Davis

"Okay, I have a slight obsession with Wonder Woman."

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Here’s How You Can Score a Walk-On Role in Wonder Woman 1984

While Omaze has some pretty incredible campaigns, the ones geared towards Wonder Woman especially have been out of this world. The first was a trip to the Los Angeles premiere, where you would meet the stars and be their guest on the carpet! While that was amazing, this is even better! Getting to be in a Wonder Woman movie? Especially one where you get to dress like it's the '80s?

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