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Things We Saw Today: Lynda Carter Reminds Everyone That Wonder Woman Is an LGBTQ+ Icon

Wonder Woman said "trans rights."

Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman 1984 smiling

While corporate logos may only be surface-level support for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion a few weeks of the year when it’s profitable, the original live-action Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, has continued to remind everyone that Woman Woman is for everyone. After sharing stunning art by Paulina Ganucheau for DC’s Pride, Carter fought back the haters by making make it very clear she’s not tolerating bigotry.

Carter’s right. We can’t know what William Marston and fellow creatives (including his partners Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne) thought about Wonder Woman being a queer or trans icon. However, we do know that Marston, Holloway, and Byrne were far more progressive in their ideas of gender and sexuality than their peers and even many people today. In addition to living in a polyamorous relationship, they were interested in the concept of bondage (kink) and introduced that into the text. Many queer and trans writers for Wonder Woman have long established Wonder Woman and other Amazons as important icons of the LGBTQ+ community.

Wonder Woman as a gay icon

Unless everyone on Themyscira was ace (except Prince’s mother in some versions), then obviously many women would find love and comfort with each other—something those outside of Themyscira would call gay, pansexual, bisexual, demi, etc. A few years back, Diana was confirmed as canonically bisexual and later was official, official with Zala Jor-El. In the latest run of Nubia & the Amazons by Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala, trans women joined Themyscira and officially became an Amazon. Bia got to experience the naming process on an island paradise and was welcomed by her sisters.

Carter reminds people of this fact semi-regularly. However, considering the recent rollback of what few protections exist for trans people and their families it is always worth repeating. Just today, Florida’s government went against all medical and scientific consensus and evidence regarding gender-affirming health care by declaring that its own five-person team (if you give them a quick Google, you’ll see why they were picked) deemed these safe practices unsafe. Now they are moving to remove gender-affirming healthcare from Medicaid options.

(via Twitter, image: Warner Bros)

Here are some other bits of news we saw today:

  • At least a dozen motorcyclists (appearing to work with the Uvalde Police) block a Houston Chronicle reporter from walking near the funeral. (via Twitter)
  • How one of the most influential works of trans literature, Nevada by Imogen Binnie, reverberated in the community. (via Vulture)
  • Harvey Weinstein lost an appeal to overturn his rape and sexual assault charges. (via Variety)

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