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Introducing Duo: The App for Matching Superheros With Sidekicks

With bonus Carrie Kelley cameo!

Oh, sure, everybody wants to find their ideal crimefighting partner through a mutual friend or at a social gathering, but who has the time to go out and punch villains with new people anymore? Dr. Hank Tannen (who may or may not be Wil Wheaton) doesn't, which is why he invented this new dating app. Wait, no. Not dating. It's not for dating. Don't date your sidekicks. [Warning for autoplay!]

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Things We Saw Today: Things Get Freaky In First American Horror Story S4 Cast Photo

Featuring bearded lady Kathy Bates.

Those looking forward to American Horror Story: Freak Show have only until October 8th to wait. I should catch up on AHS, right? I feel like I should.

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Ice T, Felicia Day, Weird Al, and Other Celebs Record Dungeons and Dragons Short Story Collection for Audible

Don't hate the playa, hate the campaign.

If you're not a regular listener of Ice T's Final Level podcast (in which case you should rectify this problem immediately), then you may have missed the news a few months ago that the rapper-turned-SVU-detective recently recorded the narration for a short story based on the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Now we finally get to hear the fruits of his labor — and geez, would you look at who else is in this cast?

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You Need To Watch The “Badass Women” Panel From NerdHQ

And the rest of these NerdHQ panels don't suck, either.

Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine crew are running Conversations for a Cause (benefitting Operation Smile) all of SDCC weekend; but watching the "Badass Women" panel will directly benefit you, because why would you not want to watch Yvonne Strahovski, Retta, Jennifer Morrison, Sophie Turner, Ming-Na Wen, and Missy Peregrym chat about being amazing together?

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Wil Wheaton Talks About the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks (Spoiler Alert: There Isn’t One)

This calls for dancing and capes!

In an recent interview with GQ, nerd superstar and host of The Wil Wheaton Project Wil Wheaton (gee, I wonder where they got the name of his show from?) had some really excellent things to say about what it means to be a geek. Or a nerd. Whatever puts your starship into hyperdrive, I guess.

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Review: Video Games: The Movie

No, not The Wizard. This is a documentary.

Movies have been made about gamers, and movies have been made that are adapted from games, but movies that are actually about games aren't very common. Video Games: The Movie changes that with a documentary look at our nation's pastime—take that, baseball!—and much like video games are different things to different people, so this movie will be.

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Wil Wheaton Makes Game of Thrones Even More Wholesome With a Brady Bunch Intro

“He had hair of gold like his uncle, because of incest”

If you haven’t been watching The Wil Wheaton Project on Syfy, you missed this Brady Bunch-style Game of Thrones opener from the most recent episode. Except you didn't, because the Internet exists! No one needs to watch TV ever again!

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Watch the First Episode of SyFy’s Wil Wheaton Project

Today, we are all unicorns.

Wil Wheaton's much anticipated weekly nerdy pop culture news show just premiered the other night, and if you live in America (or have possibly unscrupulous methods for getting past region locks on Internet videos), you can watch the twenty minute episode right here.

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Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany On How The Show Normalizes The Female Lead

You're Damn Right

"I think there's quite a few reasons but I think what it does is it sort of normalizes having a lead female. It's just, the default. So often the male perspective is our default perspective in television in film and in all kinds of different media and I think what this show does is it just goes, 'nope.' Women can be all these different things. It's played by the same actress but we have the potential for so many things and not defined by how we look necessarily because it's just me...I don't feel responsible, I feel proud of it. I don't feel like it has to be "right" or all-encompassing. I think, Jordan, you've talked about that quite a bit with Felix too that we don't have to represent every type of person out there but it's just nice to have outsiders as the leads." - Tatiana Maslany answering Cloneversation host Wil Wheaton after he brought up how much the BBC America series Orphan Black has resonated with women. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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#FollowFriday: Wil Wheaton (@wilw)

He's just this guy, you know?

It's Follow Friday once again, and in honor of tomorrow's Tabletop festivities, we're telling you that you should go follow Wil Wheaton. You know, assuming you don't already.

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Video of Wil Wheaton Telling a Little Girl How to Deal With Being Called a Nerd Just Decided to Go Viral Now

Feel free to start a Good Guy Will Wheaton meme, Internet.

In this video from last year's Denver Comic Con, Wil Wheaton answers a young lady's question about whether he was called a nerd growing up and how he dealt with it. It's moving, inspiring, and almost a year old, but for some reason suddenly gained a lot of steam over the weekend.

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Warning: Wil Wheaton’s Advice To a Bullied Nerd Girl Might Make You Cry [VIDEO]

This video might be a bit old—it was taken at least year's Denver Comic Con—but it's never a bad time to listen to Wil Wheaton say good things about being a nerd, right? To wit, here's his heartwarming speech at a Star Trek cast reunion and his message to a fan's newborn daughter about why being a nerd is awesome. (via Geekosytem) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Patrick Stewart Celebrates His Team’s Super Bowl Win With One-Armed Push-Ups, Bossing Wil Wheaton Around

And All Was Right With the World

I know this may be difficult to believe, but the best part of Sir Patrick Stewart's reaction to the Seahawks thumping the Broncos at last night's Super Bowl isn't the 73-year-old thesp rocking a one-armed push-up. Oh no. The best part happened when Wil Wheaton showed up:

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Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day Want You To Join A Day of Gaming [Video]

+2 Cha -2 Str

If you enjoyed last year's International TableTop Day, well, good news - there's another one on the way!  On April 5th, 2014 (yes, a different date from last year), you can join Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and thousands of others to celebrate gaming. Check out the website for more info on registering or finding an event, but first, enjoy this delightful promo! Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Watch Wil Wheaton Invent Lyrics for the The Next Generation Theme Song [VIDEO]

Make It So

Context? We don’t need no stinkin’ context. (But if you want context, this is part of Hank and John Green’s Project for Awesome charity livestream, which Wil Wheaton was a guest on.) (via: blastr) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Wil Wheaton’s Fans Photoshop Him Into, Well, Everything

what is this I don't even

I don't know how fans photoshopping actor/writer Wil Wheaton's face into other pop-culture properties became such a big thing. But it has. And I'm glad. As far as I can tell, it all started when Wheaton tweeted a photo of himself on a green screen and one of his followers, a graphic designer, quickly photoshopped him onto the bridge of the Enterprise. So he posted another green screen photo and things just evolved (devolved?) from there.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Geek & Sundry’s Halloween Special Sneak Peek!

The Mary Sue Exclusive

What's this? What's this? The first ever scripted content from the Geek & Sundry vlogs channel is a Halloween Special? What's this? It's a murder mystery where the vloggers are the suspects? I am so in. Geek & Sundry has given The Mary Sue an exclusive look at the special which features vloggers Nika Harper, Neil McNeil, James ‘Tigermonkey’ Issacs, and Becca Canote with special guest, Jesse Cox, as the one trying to figure out whodunnit. We've also got word Wil Wheaton will make a surprise appearance. Ok, we've spoiled that surprise but we're keeping mum on who he'll play. A Geek & Sundry Vlogs Mystery will premiere tomorrow, October 22nd at 8 AM PDT! Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Sir Patrick Stewart, Wil Wheaton, and Madeleine Albright Had a Conversation on Twitter, And It Was Glorious

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Madeleine Albright ("First of 3 female SecState's - last to join Twitter. Better late than never!") recently got a Twitter account, and when she's not tweeting at Hilary Clinton about playing drums at a concert (twice!) or talking about the government shutdown she's reminiscing with Sir Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton about that time she was almost in Star Trek: Nemesis. The world is a wonderful place sometimes. (via: Tumblr) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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You Do Not Have the Biggest Crush on Wesley Crusher

Make It So

Anne Wheaton has the biggest crush on Wesley Crusher. Previously in Wil Wheaton

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Astronauts, Celebrities, and Voices on “The Golden Record” Wish Voyager I Well in NASA Video

Did I cry watching this video? #LittleBit

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Wil Wheaton, Carl Sagan's son, LaVar Burton, astronaut Mike Massimino and many more wish the Voyager I well as it becomes the first human-made object to enter interstellar space. NASA encourages everyone to do the same, because this is a truly remarkable human achievement.

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